¶ Looking back into that “world” that, like Enoch, by the Grace of God, I simply walked out of forty years ago and was seen no more, (Hebrews 11:5)  …I see that it has, just as prophesied, become the habitation of devils, the “hold” of every foul spirit, and the cage of every unclean, filthy, mean, and hateful bird on the planet. (Revelation 18:2)  Although these are the same Badlands that I was delivered out of forty years ago, they are a far more evil hellhole than before, not at all unlike Sodom and Gomorrah of old, however, I do fear that they have become much more deceptive to many of God’s people than the Sodom and Gomorrah of old, for under the strange diabolical anointing that produces lying signs and wonders she has, with cunning, acquired a new and twisted child, yes, out of the loins of Jezebell a Harlot has been born that deems herself “spiritual”. She delights in drawing to herself the offended, the gullible, the naive, the proud, the greedy, the lustful, and yes, even the simple, that she might, with great swelling words, promise them “prosperity” and “fire insurance” while making merchandise of them. (2 Peter 2:3)  Is it not through the innumerable whoredoms of this well-favored Harlot, this mistress of witchcraft and sorcery, that our once faithful nation has been sold into bondage? (Nahum 3:4, ¹wcv)  Nevertheless, there are, along the Way, Lodges for the Wayfaring Man hidden in the Forest of the Deep Fetch and scattered throughout the Wilderness where a Godly man might rest in the Warm Hold of the Lord. (Jeremiah 9:2,¹wcv & ²) …and, as beckoned by the Spirit², tuck away the Foundational Truths of Christ in his heart and become acquainted with the “Deeper Mysteries” hidden within Christ, enabling him to go on into perfection… (Hebrews 5:11-14, 6:1,¹wcv)…and tread down the serpents and fiery scorpions of this present, evil world through which he travels.(Luke 10:9,¹wcv&²)

¶ For Ain’t It So that, on our solitary and sometimes grueling journey Home to that City not made by the hands of man, we must, by Faith, continually Abide, one on One, in the Secret Place of the Most High to maintain the Temple of God on earth!? For we are His earthen vessel and our hearts are His Temple! (1 Corinthians 3:16)  … which is why, hidden throughout that vast wilderness that lays out there before us are Lodges hidden deep within The Forest of the Deep Fetch and scattered throughout that Wilderness that are earmarked by the Spirit of God where we might Rest, Rejoice, and be Refurbished for a season with our Kindred Kind, free from the dangers of false brethren and the perils of this present, evil world, for a season or two, that we might set out again with even greater gravity, deeper revelation, more sincere compassion, and a more absolute resolve than we had before. And though they seem few and far between, they are there; distinctive and distinguished from the overwhelming multitude of religious organizations made by or overtaken by man, for these are earmarked by the Spirit of God, Himself! These Lodges hidden in the Forest of the Deep Fetch and scattered throughout the Wilderness have been established and earmarked by the ones gone on before us so that we might, in the coldest day, the darkest night, the deadliest of tempests, and in the greatest of perils, find Rest for our souls along the Way amongst our Kindred Kind. For “As Iron sharpens Iron; so does a man sharpen the countenance of his Kindred Kind” (Proverbs 27:7, ¹wcv)  We need each other!

¶ You see, I had twelve, even thirteen dear friends, not including the ONE that sticks closer than a brother, who were men of renown, men who were ‘wondered at” on earth (Zechariah 3:8), who, some years back, went through this neck-a-the woods before me establishing and benchmarking these hidden places of Spiritual Power and Revelation for us who follow.  In doing so they placed themselves in harm’s way. One even wrote that five times he had received forty stripes from the cat-of-nine-tails, and was, three times beaten with rods. Why he was even stoned to death but was raised up by the same Spirit that raised our Kinsman Redeemer from the dead and brought Him out of the tomb. This man also testified that he had suffered shipwreck in the deep three times. He goes on to say that he was often in the great peril of robbers, thieves, and murderers, and also in the great peril of those who were once his own countrymen and that he was, at other times, in the great peril of the barbarian in the wilderness as often as he was in the great peril of the heathen in the city, but I believe his greatest peril of all was the peril he suffered from False Brethren, (the Harlot Church), for they did hate him. (2 Corinthians 11;26)  However, as these men who were “Greatly Wondered At” did, long ago, traverse that treacherous neck-a-the-woods, they did so by the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. They not only established but recorded the what-with-all and the whereabouts of these Hidden Lodges in the Wilderness and the Forest of the Deep Fetch in a Book of Divine Revelation, Inspiration, and Guidance so that we might, by the Wisdom of God, find rest for our souls, strength for our spirits and the spiritual cognizance to delve into Deeper Things, if you will, that will enable us to stay-the-course while encouraging as many strangers as possible to come out of that habitation of devils and to convince as many of God’s people as possible to stop fooling around with Delilah and ride along with us to that City not made by man. For the end of the Dispensation of this Age is at hand. Now, “Seeing that we have such a great cloud of witnesses who were genuinely “wondered at”², that have gone on before us, don’t you think that we had best lay aside every weight that hinders us and every sin that does so beset us and with full resolve head out for that City not made by the hands of man?” (Hebrews 12:1, ¹wcv&²)  As for me, as the last leaf falls yet before the snow flies, I must remove myself from the wonderous conversation and the great comfort of this Thanksgiving Day Feast in which we have gathered to honor the ONE Who built that City not made by the hands of man and be on my way, for the days are growing darker and the time, shorter.

¶  What an honor and a Joy it has been fellowshipping this past Thanksgiving Day with friends that, like the Lord, stick closer than a brother. And because we do, In His Name, gather together in this place, even though we are but a few, I think it only fitting that this place be deemed a Lodge in the Wilderness for the Wafaring Man; for there are some who come through these doors who are still fulfilling the Book of Acts and fellowship with them does, undeniably, sharpen the countenance of God’s Kindred Kind.

¶ Oh yeah, I almost forgot; just what NAME do these Lodges that are scattered out across the Wilderness and hidden in the Forests of the Deep Fetch go by?  Why, as far as I know, they’re known far and wide as THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE REMNANT, and amongst them, there is no division.


¶ My faithful Steed, whose name is “Holiness Unto the Lord”, like myself, has been stabled, fed, and received ample rest for the journey ahead. And though I was born and raised in a nation privileged by the Hand of God, I have come to find that the Lord is sorely displeased with those who live a life of ease. (Amos 6:1, Zechariah 1:15) For in the “Age to Come” our “labor”², our “goods” and our “trade” will be “Holy Unto the Lord”; Even the bells beneath the necks of the horses {ministry & economy²} shall be engraved with the words, “Holiness Unto the Lord” (Isaiah 23:18, Zechariah 14:20,21)  The Age to Come, which is nearly upon us, will bear forth an economy whose prosperity will dwarf the Wealth of Solomon and that of the United States of America put together. There will be no poverty there and those who “love the sword” will study war no more. (Isaiah 2:4) There will be joy unspeakable and a “Peace” that will surpass all understanding. (1 Peter 1:8, Philippians 4:7)   The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; the calf and the young lion and the fatling shall feed and play together; and a little child shall lead them all. Nothing shall ever again hurt you nor shall there be any destroyer in all of My Holy Mountain. (Isaiah 11:6,65:25)  Having taken this to heart and considering it closely, there is only one reason that I can come up with as to why anyone would turn down an offer such as this from our Kinsman Redeemer, the Prince of Peace Himself, and that is that, “THEY LOVE WICKEDNESS”.

¶ Considering the plight of others I cannot do anything, even at my age, other than saddle up and head out into the Winter of My Years for that City not made by the hands of man to see who, along the way, might be interested in being delivered out of the habitation of devils, which is what this Letter From Over Yonder is all about. Now AIN’T THAT SO!?

ALL IN TIME by Will & Annah Callery / Written by Annah & Will Callery / William & Cynthia Pub. Co.©2012 BMI


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’wcv / My Emphasis, My Version (Always taken from the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic interpretations, definitions, and connotations)

² / My Insert(s)

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