¶ Rising this morning from a sound night’s sleep I found myself on a fine steed in the middle of nowhere, miles and miles from my destination, miles and miles from a place of which I had only seen in my dreams. You see, I had been having this reoccurring dream of a beautiful City of Gold Not Made by Man where they studied war no more, and like so many others living today I have had more than my share of wars, conflicts, and altercations, sorrows, setbacks, and loss. Now, what I’d heard about this Fine City Not Made by Man fanned the smoking flax deep within my soul into an unflagging yearning for this City where I thought that, just perhaps, I might secure for myself a “Day of Rest”!  You see, I had heard, from a very good Source, that through the Gates of this Great City, one day was as a thousand years and that I could enter into a “rest” that was alive and well and eternal – when I came upon a man by the side of the road Beating a Dead Horse.

¶ Why the Old Horse had been dead for years. It had become nothing more than an old piece of leather draped over a pile of bleached-out bones, yet the man was still furiously Beating the Old Dead Horse. I asked the man why he was beating such an old bag of bones. He said that he was teaching the Old Dead Horse a lesson he would never forget. While Beating the Old Dead Horse the man ranted, raved, and raged about how unmanageable and worthless the Old Dead Horse had been throughout its entire life. The man said, “Why the Old Horse wouldn’t even heed to the finest of cuss words, was more stubborn than a mule, rougher than a cob to ride, couldn’t pull his own weight, wouldn’t Gee n Haw, and finally just laid down by the side of the road.

¶ I said, “The horse is dead, man”. He said, “So what, it gives me great pleasure to pay him back for all the misery he caused me.”

¶ I said, “Now look here, man, I’m headed for a City Not Made by Man where you can find Rest for Your Soul for all eternity. Would you like a lift?”  “?#*%%@## NO”, says he, “It will give me a far greater pleasure to stay out here in the middle of nowhere and Beat this Old Dead Horse till the day I die.”


It ain’t God that is difficult – It’s us! 


{I’ll leave it up to you to draw your own analogies and conclusions}


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