¶ Never have I been in the company of those who displayed a more sincere, and heartfelt yearning for the Lord, nor have I ever been in the midst of those who have more openly spelt out a more deep and profound wholehearted worship of the Lord our God than those that I found myself amongst in the Forest of the Deep Fetch. It was there, in the realm of the Tried, and True, Old, and Ancient Oaks of Righteousness, where I did learn, in Spirit and in Truth, to flourish in the Love of God.

¶ Unhindered by all the outside busyness of this Present, Evil, World, there was not one of those ancient Old Oaks of Righteousness, Sweet Sugar Maples, Pungent Old Walnuts, towering Tulip Poplars, or any other of those Stately Old Timers that ever took even one thought for their own life, their provision, or how they were to be adorned, yet even Solomon, in all his glory, was not as stately as one of these. {Matthew 6:29 ¹wcv&²} The Forest of the Deep Fetch does, indeed, teem, and abound with the diverse ethnicities of the Planting of the Lord and they all compliment one another, for they do, beyond measure, each bear a magnificent ministry of their own! There was not one in that entire Old Growth Forest that was trying to serve two masters. They did, by day, seek the Lord with all of their hearts, and by night, they did, with lamentations and weeping too Deep for words, {Romans 8:26,¹wcv&²} yearn for His Return. Though they had to weather many a tempest, they were a sight to behold in the midst of the storm. They spoke not a word, yet their testimony went out through all the earth. {Psalm 19:4}

¶ It was there, in the Forest of the Deep Fetch, in the Days of My Youth, as it is there now, in the Winter of My Years, that I am reproved, corrected, empowered, and refreshed by the Spirit of God that I might fellowship with those wondered at on earth and walk amongst those who stand by HIM in the heavenlies. {Zechariah 3:¹wcv&²}  To this day, it is there, in the Forest of the Deep Fetch, that the Lord does isolate me until seasons of growth are accomplished, yes, even at my age. It is there, in the Forest of the Deep Fetch, that the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the eyes, and the Pride of Life bear no sway for they are not welcome there, they can not take root there for the Ground in the Forest of the Deep Fetch is Good Ground, Holy Ground. It is there in the Forest of the Deep Fetch where natural gifts and The Gifts of the Spirit do spring up out of the Root of Jesse! It is there in the Forest of the Deep Fetch where Seasons of Refreshing, Forgiveness, Healing, and Maturing may be gotten hold of. It is in the Forest of the Deep Fetch that one may drink from the River of Delights and be filled with the Spirit of God on their journey to that CITY Not Made by the Hands of Man, that we might, out on that Heartworn Highway, distribute that very same Spirit of God to those held captive by the fallen nature of the Heathen, and destroy, with the Sword of the Spirit, the gainsaying sorcery of the Harlot, and with theTruth, set free those held captive in the Religious Structures of the Harrier to keep us company and work with us on our journey to that CITY Not Made by the Hands of Man.

¶ And so it is, out of the Forest of the Deep Fetch and into that menacing land of dark and shifting shadows, where the “nice-little-nelly-of-religion” fears to tread, we must journey. For down that Ruthless Roman Road and all its Heartworn Byways lies the Earthly Treasure that the Lord loves beyond measure; the Souls of Men.

¶ And just where is this Rough Old Roman Road and all of its Heartworn Byways about to take us? Why just as Prophesied by Isaiah, right Smack-Dab into the Good News of Christmas Day! 

The Prophecy?

¶ “All of those who have lived and do live in the dark and daunting shadows of this present evil world have seen a Great Light. Upon all those out there on that rough Old Roman Road, and all of its Heartworn Byways, who wander about lost in the land of the shifting shadows of lies, fear, hopelessness, confusion, violence, deception, and death, a Great Light has shined!…. For unto us, A CHILD IS BORN!  A virgin, overshadowed by the Spirit of the Most-High {Luke 1:35,¹wcv&²} shall conceive, and bear a Son whose Name shall be called IMMANUEL, which means, GOD WITH US!  {Isaiah 7:14,¹wcv&²} And yes, Everyone is invited to “Come and See” {John 1:38 &46) the Wonders hidden deep in the Lord’s Forest of the Deep Fetch. 

Won’t you come and dine with us on CHRISTMAS DAY in that amiable Lodge for God’s Wayfaring Souls in the Forest of the Deep Fetch, as we close in on that CITY Not Made By the Hands Of Man?


THE OUTSHINING by Will Callery / William & Cynthia Pub. Co, ©2008 BMI


A Very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, one and all! May God bless you, each and every single one, with an understanding of Who this Child in the Manger really is, Who The One is that is about to return, and what IT is that is about to come upon the entire face of the earth!  Keep in mind, the CHRISTMAS DAY we are about to celebrate this year, we will be celebrating in the Days of Noah!!! You don’t want to miss the boat!


¹wcv / My Emphasis, My Version  {Always taken from the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic translations, definitions, and connotations}

² / My Insert(s)

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God bless you, each, and every single one!

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