¶ There are but a few old-timers still alive today who are able to relay to the younger generations just how much this nation was, at one time, steeped in the Atmosphere of Eden, and the price that was paid to maintain that PEACE that did so sweetly ginger the heavens and the earth about us with an atmosphere of Godly Strength so eminent, and moving, that it wafted out over the great waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific with a moral compassion and freedom that even our safely sound and well-established boundaries could not contain. This was, indeed, “The Land of Promise”, the “Latter” of the Two Great Crown Jewels of all the earth in the Hands of the Lord. The Hand of Almighty God was stretched out over this nation. Prosperity abounded! Out of this “Promised Land”, this Crown Jewel, the WORD of GOD was published abroad in an abundance never seen before and because of it many people in this nation and the nations abroad were blessed with a moral compass and prospered. We stood up against Islam, Marxism, socialism, and communism, not to mention the Nazis. As Jesus gave His Life and shed His Blood for us, we in turn, because of Him, cared enough to put our lives on the line and shed our blood to keep this world free from tyranny, not that it compares to what Christ did by any shaking of the earth, nonetheless, out of this nation a Great Light sprang forth into the darker regions of the earth because we had as our foundation, the Rock of Ages and as our Cornerstone, Jesus Christ Himself, thus we became by the Will of God a Crown Jewel recognized by the entire world. Everyone longed to live here.

¶ It all began 400 years ago with 102 souls, spearheaded by 41 Puritans with the remaining passengers including adventurers, tradesmen, indentured servants, and a soldier or two, all fleeing from a tyrant, the King of England, on a ship called the Mayflower for a place called the New World that they might “worship God in Spirit and in Truth” {John 4:23,24}. The signing of the Mayflower Compact dedicating this New Land to the Lord was signed on November 11th, 1620, thus America became Dedicated Soil. The Mayflower Compact began with these words; In the Name of God, Amen.”.(Then goes on to say) Having undertaken for the Glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith, In the presence of God and one another, (we do) COVENANT and combine ourselves together. And by Virtue hereof enact, constitute, and frame, such just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions, and offices for the General good of the colony, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty, 1620 AD.”  Beyond any shadow of a doubt, this nation had a Godly beginning. On November the 11th, 1620 America became, Dedicated Soil.

¶ From a roughhewn beginning at Plymouth Rock, this far-fetched self-government evolved into the town meetings of New England and larger local governments as Colonial America grew. By the time of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 the Mayflower Compact of 1620 had been nearly forgotten, but the powerful idea of a self-governing government of One Nation under God had taken root. Born out of dire straits on the Mayflower, the Mayflower Compact made a significant contribution to the creation of a New Crown Jewel, a Republic, the United States of America which is at the very time of this writing in its Third Great Peril. Four hundred years after the signing of the Mayflower Compact and only two hundred and forty-six years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, injustice, greed, perverse wickedness, violence, and vile corruption have invaded the very soul of this nation casting it into, what George Washington’s Prophecy reckoned as its Third Great and Final Peril which, once again, brings us to where we are today.

¶ Man is a creature with two natures! Without the indwelling Spirit of God, even so-called good men do wicked things when pressed and tempted. Out of a twisted understanding they use evil means to accomplish what they deem a good thing, thinking that a good end result justifies the means. This is looked upon by the Lord as the Abomination that uses, in the Place of the Truth, manipulation, procrastination, and compromise and is called the road to perdition! Looking back into the days before the Civil War our Southern culture developed a wicked agricultural system whose greedy, twisted Southern Planters lived luxurious, gilded lives on the scarred backs of African men, women, and children which they treated and bred like livestock while claiming Christianity. Little did they know that they were riding their own godless institution of slavery right into the fires of hell while the souls of slaves were visited by Jesus Christ Himself thus escaping into the heavens of the Living God. It was nothing less than the Judgement of Almighty God that took us into our Second Great Peril, the Civil War, which in four years, cost us the lives of 750,000 men, a bloody but necessary conflict to rid ourselves of the depraved ill repute of slavery; a filthy, septic smear blurring the radiance of our Crown Jewel. Most have forgotten, but the toll was far heavier than anyone alive today could possibly imagine for it all took place amongst us, on Dedicated Soil. Then we had the inexcusable, heartbreaking Trail of Tears ordered by a once faithful warrior, and leader; another supposed man of Christian Faith who was, from the beginning, or did without a doubt, turn into a self-seeking power grabber overtaken by greed when he realized what fortunes could be made in gold, cotton, tobacco, and real estate by “legislating” Native Americans out of their land, for their own good, of course. Following that, we had the great theft of the West from Native Americans in which our high-ranking elected officials made a sport of the indiscriminate annihilation of their mainstay, the woods and plains buffalo, by a corrupt government in cahoots with the early Railroad Barons, tacking the title of “Great White Father” to the one who sat in our hallowed Oval Office. A debauchery which I am sure caused George Washington to toss and turn in his grave. Following that we had the rise of the ruthless industrial Robber Barons. None of this should have been! It did not have to be that way and perhaps it would not have been that way had the Spirit of God swept the nation. Considering all of this we must remember, we are standing at the threshold of the Republic’s Third Great Peril. We must remember, whatever it is we are about to go through this very hour, “If we, as God’s people, who are called by His Name, will humble ourselves and pray, seek His Face, and turn from our wicked, lazy, complacent, and self-seeking ways, then He will hear us from heaven, forgive us our sins, and (perhaps) heal our land.” {2 Chronicles 7:14 wcv}  I say “perhaps”, for it is unmistakable that upon this nation the judgment of God has already descended.  And though the Lord has placed a precious Crown Jewel upon our table we must never forget that we are still dealing with the fallen nature of mankind in a very present evil world that never rests and which will only be overcome in finality at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

¶ Some chase rabbits, I walk logs. Whup!  What did he say? Where’d he go? Why, he walked to the end of that log over there and jumped to another one. Now that I’ve walked the length of this log and jumped to another, I’d like to bring this into a very personal perspective.

¶ I had the wonderful opportunity of lumberjacking the western slopes of the Cascades in the magnificent State of Washington (how his name does keep popping up) – in that magnificent State of Washington from the British Colombia border down into the coastal timber of Oregon when employed by Carson Helicopter Logging out of Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

The land we were timbering on the western slopes of the Cascades in that majestic State of Washington was owned by a tribe of Native Americans known as the Yakamas. Out of 21 lumberjacks, twelve were Yakama Indians. I had the good fortune of working some big timber on dangerous slopes with these boys. It was exciting!!! I got to know a few of ’em quite well. I became close friends with one Jimmy Deer Horn. We often discussed what went down back in the day and what our relationship might have been like when all of the mountains and valleys belonged to Jimmy Deer Horn’s ancestors, back when this Crown Jewel was theirs. To get to the heart of the wood here, I told Jimmy Deer Horn that more than likely I would like to have roamed his mountains back then and perhaps, maybe even lived there with them but that I didn’t really believe that I’d go so far as to claim any part of their land as my own. Jimmy Deer Horn replied that, before all the trouble started with the U.S. Government, they probably would have welcomed me with open arms. There was absolutely no animosity hanging over our heads from the past even though our bloodlines ran back through the same Crown Jewel to two different sides of the fence. You see, neither of us was there back in those days but our ancestors were. Notwithstanding, that was my new Yakama name given to me by Jimmy Deer Horn, “Notwithstanding”, “Billy Notwithstanding”!  I wore it proudly!  Be that as it may, there were a couple of these Native American Yakama lumberjacks who drank rather heavily that did not like white men, and I just happened to be one. Truly, I understood the bad blood. But what I’m getting at here is heartwood, the heart of man. You see, my new friend, Yakama lumberjack, Jimmy Deer Horn, enlightened me to the fact that much of the U.S. Government monies paid to the Yakama tribe seemed to somehow always end in the hands of the reservation gambling casino owners instead of the “common man” – taking us right back to heartwood – the heart of man. Corruption is corruption no matter who you are or where you are and none of it will enter into the Kingdom of God. Oh yeah, by the way, Jimmy Deer Horn was a Born Again Christian – not one as portrayed by Hollywierd’s reel to reel, but a real one!  Jimmy and I both agreed that the Lord, through the warp and the woof of it all, wanted to restore this Crown Jewel and as He does, all corruption in this life will be judged in the one to come by the Lord Himself. A day both Jimmy Deer Horn and I are looking forward to. You see, Jimmy and I were in agreement that both he and I would someday “inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5) Neither of us is about to lose our Crown Jewel, for in the End, which is just the beginning, we are both to “inherit the earth” for all eternity. Isn’t it amazing how the Blood of Jesus and the WORD of GOD changes everything? (Psalms 25:13, 37:9, 37:11 & Matthew 5:5)

¶ Jimmy Deer Horn and I, looking at our Crown Jewel today, would have to say

(why) There’s a Devil in the Bighouse,

Helter skelter on the hill,

(Why there’s) Scallywags with carpetbags

Cleanin’ out the till.

(Oh) Shadow-brutes and charlatans,

Their best laid plans be damned

When Judgement comes a ridin’

Down thru the Promised Land.    ©wc

¶ You see, Jimmy Deer Horn and I came into agreement on the fact that for all the perverse, corrupt, scallywags, carpetbaggers, and robber barons Livin’ on the Gover’ment Plantation in this great Crown Jewel of ours, whether they be the corrupt politicians and perverse pedophiles in Washington D. C. or the corrupt casino owners on Indian reservations, whoever they are, and wherever they are, who deem this Crown Jewel of ours as one of their possessions but not ours – are gravely mistaken. They are about to realize that all of their ill-gotten wealth, arrogance, pomp, and claims on our Crown Jewel are about to amount to nothing more than sittin’ around Whistlin’ Dixie! Yep, they are all

Livin On the same Gover’ment Plantation.

Oh, the fish are jumpin’ and their cotton is high, for now.

But in the end, Livin High on the Gover’ment Plantation

Will amount to nothin’ more than Whistlin’ Dixie till the day that they die.      ©wc

Well, that is until their souls are required of them, for on That Day, I promise you, they won’t be Whistlin’ Dixie, they will instead be wishing to the God of heaven and earth they did not own all that ill-gotten gain.

¶ You see, up on that mountain that summer, Jimmy Deer Horn and I realized that we were Blood Brothers! No, we didn’t slice the palms of our hands with a skinnin’ knife and clasp them together in a handshake, Jesus Christ went far beyond that for us on the Cross, and even though there’s a storm a-brewin’ in this Crown Jewel of ours, Jimmy Deer Horn and I are both confident in this; and that is that we are both about to inherit several Crown Jewels. Not only are we both about to inherit the earth, we are both about to receive the Crown of Life, and we will also both become Crown jewels in the Diadem of Jesus Christ the King! I will know Jimmy Deer Horn for all eternity! You see, he’s my Brother!

O Jimmy,

Are you not a brother, are we not both men?

Is it all too black (Red) and white for us to understand?

I hear the hounds of heaven, I hear thunder rollin’ in,

Oh Jimmy, there is a storm a brewin’ among the souls of men

Livin’ on the Gover’ment Plantation,

From Plymouth Rock to the Reservation.


Color don’t mean nothin’, (to me & Jimmy) we both come from One Blood,

It happened in the Garden and it made it thru the Flood.

Right is right and wrong it ain’t, what “Lies” between the two,

If you take to livin’ lies, goodbye Red, White, and Blue.        ©wc

¶ How I would love to see some of the ambiance of Eden and the “Peace that surpasses all understanding” resting once again upon our Crown Jewel, but I do honestly believe that because we’ve been in the midst of a deep and killing frost we need a Spring Thaw. The killing frost of the last few Blackberry Winters seems to have chilled many to the bone, and that icy, crystalline, leviathan that has hovered over the Church for far too long seems to have put a deadly freeze on a large portion of our defenses, for there is in progress right now, a GREAT FALLING AWAY, and though I feel a Great Spring Thaw comin’ on, still, I do have this deep sense that, to get through this Great Spring Thaw, we who survive are about to find out who will Stand and who will Run. I think that upon our own Dedicated Soil, many of us are about to get a taste of George Washington’s prophesied “THIRD GREAT PERIL! I believe that many of us are about to get a taste of what it was like at Plymouth Rock, Valley Forge, the Trail of Tears, and the Civil War of 1861 before we once again feel the warm embrace of summer.

¶ Risking redundancy, I still think it fitting to once again quote two verses from a song my good friend and great songwriter, Alan Bivens, wrote with a touch of variation to fit the narrative, Blackberry Winter.

The Good Book tells us,

Trials and tribulation will come.

They’re only a testing,

To find out who will stand

And who will run.

We’re about to be tested

So I’ll say this once again,

This Time we will know for sure, who it is

That sticks closer than a friend.


Blackberry Winter,

It’s a Season we must go through.

We must remember,

God’s Word

Is faithful and true.

If we stand together 

A Victory we will share,

It won’t matter ’bout the weather

If it’s stormy or fair,

Love will survive.         ©Alan Bivens 


Whup! Let me run down this log here. Why there’s a thought hung in its Crown,

It snagged it from the air on its way down to the ground.

Oh, he was a big one, when he fell he shook the earth,

I thought he’d have more sense than that,

He wasn’t too well-versed. All he had to say is,


“My name, it is Goliath”, in a wild and thunderous rant,

Bellowing, “I’ve come for your Crown Jewel, come out and take a stand

You religious misbegotten, unfathered little shams,

Go ahead, fall to your knees, call on your Great I AM.

Do you not know that He is dead? He grew weary, He waxed old,

He disappeared into the past a long, long time ago.

There’s nothing here to stop us now, from spiking every head,

We’ve come for your Crown Jewel, to live here in your stead.”

But as did the Little Shepherd Boy say in the Valley of Elah, when facing his Goliath, so do we say today as we face ours,

“You come to us with swelling words, with armor, spears, and swords,

But we come in the Name of Jesus, the Captain of the Armies of the Lord.

We will bring you to the ground with a Single Stone.

With One Smooth Stone of Stumbling sunk deep into your bone.

We will send you to the nethers where you, for all eternity,

Will bow down before the Lord! ”   { taken from 1 Samuel 17:45 wcv}     ©wc

¶ For it is written, “No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise up against us in judgment we have the Power to condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, for our righteousness is of Christ, says the LORD {{Isaiah 54:17 wcv} “For it is written, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” {Philippians 2:11} Of every tongue and every knee, not one will escape!

¶ We, the Children of the Promise of the Seed of Abraham must be filled with the Spirit, faith and fight until our dying day as were our ancestors of this Crown Jewel and the Ancient Crown Jewel before us. They died with their fight intact. .Yes “They, through Faith, subdued kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions (and mockers), quenched violence and quenched fire, escaped the edge of the sword, and in their weakness being made strong they become valiant in battle turning to flight the armies of aliens.”  {Hebrews 11:33,34 wcv}

“TURNING TO FLIGHT THE ARMIES OF ALIENS.” Is this not where we are today, in the throes of the THIRD PERIL?

¶ The Warm Embrace of Victory will only be enjoyed by “The Man and the Woman after God’s own Heart.”

ALL IN TIME by Will Callery & Annah Callery / written by Annah & Will Callery ©william & Cynthia Pub. Co. BMI, ©2013


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’wcv / My Emphasis, My Version (Always taken from the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic interpretations, definitions, and connotations)

² / My Insert(s)

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