Who is this Friend that sticks closer than a brother?

Who said, “Not one stone shall be left upon another”?

Who, on the Third Day, said He would rise up and return?

If one day is as a thousand years, HERE WE STAND ON THE BRINK OF ETERNITY.

¶ Considering the above verse from a song I wrote entitled “Beyond Those Hills” which was embedded in a Letter I received From Over Yonder, I would like to read to you a much more time-honored Letter From Over Yonder and how it relates to the fulfillment of the above verse in the Times & Seasons in which we are now living nearly 3000 years later.

¶ This ancient Letter From Over Yonder, The Book of Ecclesiastes was written by the hand of the most wealthy king who ever walked the face of the earth, King Solomon, who was the son of yet a greater King, King David, the son of Jesse, who the Lord raised up out of the obscurity of the Judean Wilderness to be the greatest King Israel has ever known, well almost! A fairy tale? Hardly! In the days of his youth this obscure, ruddy, little fella was the youngest and considered to be the least of Jesse’s eight sons. He was relegated to the remote sheepcotes in the wilderness of Judea by his father, Jesse, and his seven brothers, for being deemed an out-of-touch-with-reality-dreamer. Nonetheless, this little guardian of the sheep, this singer-psalm-writer, this obscure little shepherd boy, by Divine Providence, became the greatest warrior, mystic, poet, king, and psalmist the ages have ever known.

¶ At the age of 30 this arcane, ruddy little fella came to be known by all as King David, who all the world now knows as the “Man after God’s own Heart” {Acts 13:22} David did, by Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, father a son named Solomon. David and Solomon were, by the Will of God, two of the greatest Mystic Poets of the Ages.

The first, David, was a Man of War, a Warrior, a Mystic, a Poet, a Psalmist, and a gifted player and luthier of stringed instruments. This ruddy, young, anointed, shepherd boy did, in one day’s time, out of righteous indignation for the Lord God, and His Holy Name, step out of the obscurity of the wilderness onto the most deadly of battlefields, gathered five smooth stones from a nearby creek and with the flight of a single stone sent from the pocket of his leather sling brought down the most terrifying warrior the Philistine Army had to offer by sinking that stone deep into the skull of this 600 pound, ten-foot-tall, warrior of Anakim descent. Trained from his youth to be a man of war, this Giant of Gath, Goliath, bit the dust, shaking the ground beneath the Philistine’s feet like a felled Cedar of Lebanon.

Who raised up that shepherd, warrior poet over the fold?

Who called him out to the fight, against all odds, with just a sling and a stone?

Who gave that giant as prey to be trampled neath the foot and heel

Of this shepherd boy who sent Goliath straight to hell?  ©wc

“There is a Time to gather stones and there is a Time cast one under heaven” {Ecc.3:5 wcv}

¶ The second Mystic Poet, Solomon, David’s son, and successor, was a Man of Peace born into wealth, privilege, royalty, and great responsibility. Both David and his son Solomon were deeply flawed (aren’t we all), yet one was a “Man after God’s own Heart”, and the other, by the Hand of God as a favor to the “Man after God’s own Heart”, according to the Scriptures, was bestowed with the greatest Wisdom and wealth of any man that ever walked the earth simply because he asked the Lord for Wisdom instead of wealth, and because of his choice the Lord endued him with both. It was certainly “A Time to laugh, a Time to dance, and a Time to Build, under heaven.” {Ecc.3:4 wcv}

¶ Nearly three thousand years ago this “Man of Peace”, King Solomon, in his Letter From Over Yonder, The Book of Ecclesiastes, gives us a detailed dissertation of how a man who had it all handed to him on a silver platter (beyond anything you and I could ever imagine), who was highly anointed with the Wisdom of God and greatly favored by God Almighty from the get-go, came within the breadth of a split hair of losing his soul while squandering the Lord’s Crown Jewel of all the earth by living an unrestrained life of lust, licentiousness, and outright disobedience. This was the very man who penned “Proverbs”, “The “Song of Solomon”, and finally “Ecclesiastes”. Solomon, as he grew in stature, did little by little, a little here and a little there, stray from the Lord. As he grew older, the distance between Solomon and the Lord grew greater by leaps and bounds, until the day came when Solomon, in arrogance and rudeness, turned his back on the very same Lord God who appeared to him twice in his youth, giving him more than what ten thousand men could possibly desire, and in return simply desired his company, his friendship, and obedience. Derailed by PRIDE and the lust of the flesh, Solomon cast himself into the lusty world of decadence becoming the most wealthy prodigal ever born of a woman. Solomon took to himself 700 heathen wives of royal birth and an additional harem of 300 concubines. Solomon went a whorin’, not only with Egyptian, Moabite, Edomite, Sidonian, and Hittite wives of royal birth but also with their heathen “gods”.  At the end of his days, I believe Solomon’s great wealth and Royal Position meant nothing, absolutely nothing!!! …while the loss of his soul, his nation, and ultimately his God, who loved him beyond measure, even appearing to him twice in his youth, was far more daunting and dreadful than mere words could ever express! Of this, I am sure; Solomon, at the end of his days, at about sixty years of age, gazed into a dark, and terrifying abyss wondering if that infernal region was about to become his new estate for all eternity….

…which I believe prompted him to write: “Without the Lord God of Heaven and Earth it is all vanity, vanity of vanities (without God) all the works of man that are done under the sun are vanity and vexation of spirit.” {Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1)

You can spend your whole life building more barns

For wood, hay, and stubble and lose the whole farm!  ©wc

¶ These two lines are as applicable today as they would have been 3000 years ago to those of us who call ourselves by His Name!  Are we not witnessing today, before our very eyes, the theft of another Crown Jewel, our One Nation Under God, by the ones who come to kill, steal, and destroy? A nation can be strong without being Godly only for a “Season”, “For to everything, there is a season” and, I might add, “To every Season a consequence.” We cannot maintain a strong, Godly nation without knowing God, His Will, and His Word which, “Under the Son”, never changes! “Without the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, all the works of man that are done under the sun will be done in vain. (especially all the works we do in HIS NAME that the HOLY SPIRIT does not sanction). They will ALL come to NOTHING! NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING!!! (all the church services, programs, conventions, man-ups, praise & worship, hit songs, Bible studies, favorite scriptures, prophesies, rantings, ravings, wranglings, and self-promotions, not to mention all the things we have acquired, all the wealth we have amassed, all the properties, storehouses, and all the stuff we store in them that we spend our entire lives acquiring outside the sanction of the Holy Spirit, we will, at the end of our days, wish to the God of Heaven and Earth, that all that squandered “time” and all that “stuff” did not have our name on it.)  Many will not realize, until That Day, that their entire lives were spent in vain – which will send them into a realm of vexation beyond measure… {Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 wcv}. …as they gaze, not upon the Face of God but deep into a dreadful abyss that they will not want to be their Final Inheritance!

¶ I wonder, what we as a nation are on the brink of when I read what this man Solomon wrote nearly 3000 years ago after the Lord chastised him with these words:  (Solomon), I will surely take the Crown Jewel from you, but for your father, David’s sake, I will not do it during your reign, your Season. Still, I will tear it from the hand of your son.” {Ecclesiastes 11:11,12 wcv}

“To everything, there is a season,

And a Time for every purpose under heaven.

A Time to be born, and a Time to die

A Time to plant, and a time to harvest

A Time to kill and a Time to heal

A Time to tear down and a Time to build

A Time to weep and a Time to laugh

A Time to morn and a Time to dance

A Time to cast stones and a Time to gather stones

A Time to embrace and a Time to refrain, to be far from embracing

A Time seek and a Time to lose

A Time to keep and a Time to cast away

A Time to tear and a Time to mend

 A Time to hold your piece and a Time to speak

A Time to love and a Time to hate

A Time for war and a Time for peace.” {Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 wcv}

¶ And just how do we discern what TIME it is? Not by Blood Moons, Eclipses, astrology, or any other conjured sorcery; Only by the SPIRIT of GOD do we discern The Signs of the Times.  (Luke 12:56) “Strong meat belongs to those who are full of age (mature men and women who have been walking in the Spirit for years (not young actors full of theatrics nor old gainsaying deceivers full of themselves) but those who, thru the years of use have exercised (trained) their senses to be sensitive to the Spirit of God that they might discern both Good and Evil and the difference between the two.” (Hebrews 5:14)  For those who daily partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil are, indeed, experts in how to use Good to do Evil and Evil to do Good. Without the Spirit of God, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the EVIDENCE, Master Deceivers are, in fact, impossible to figure!

¶ Double-mindedness, pride, religious arrogance, self-promotion, gainsaying, lust, deception, secular arrogance, and the sheer bullheadedness of our own doctrines (self) can destroy the wonderful Seasons of Victory the Lord has laid out for us. We have, in this nation, come very close to handing our Crown Jewel over to the Evil One.  “To everything, there is a Season and a Time for every purpose under heaven. We must get a handle on “God’s Plan for the Seasons and God’s Plan for the Times” for we have come very close to turning a Season of Great Victory into “A Time of Eternal Loss. A Time to Seek, A Time to Keep, and A Time to Lose?  ….they are ALL knocking on our door!  This is “It”. As a nation “Our Time” is NOW or NEVER.

¶ “To everything, there is a Season.”  This Present Time in which we live is, to most, a Season of Troubling Uncertainty!…and rightly so, for after eight long years, sixteen seemingly unending seasons of a filthy, septic, perverse reign followed by sixteen more seasons of a drought of Godliness and the damning decay of morality, that enticing to the eye, forbidden fruit, that hangs upon the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was nourished and brought to a ripening fruition in the reign of an ill-omened specter from Africa by a hamstrung Church chasing its tail, except for a remnant. Still, by the Grace of God, by His Great Love for His people, Light broke forth in this nation, and against all odds, God’s man for the hour was seated in the Oval Office. Rays of celestial Hope from the Throne of God streamed down through the heavens and laid upon our land. For the next four years, with the passing of sixteen more seasons, our prayers were answered and our expectations came into view. We could actually see the transformation of our nation comin’ down the road, but as it drew near, it dissipated. As victory drew near, it vanished right before our eyes, and in its place a sinister beast appeared as if crawling up out of the nethers and onto our streets, highways, and byways, hiding in our hedgerows and lurking about our gates. What we thought could not happen is no longer hiding out there in the shadows – it’s IN OUR NATION and KNOCKING ON OUR DOOR! As a nation, we have come very close to selling our Crown Jewel for a bowl of wild game (pun intended) – (for it is a very wild game the inhabitants of this nation are playing) – we have indeed disappeared into the lusty world of decadence, as did Solomon, while the enemy of our souls has maintained his diligence in amassing a great army against us. This is a “Call to Arms !!!”  The NOMINAL, massive as She is, is nothing but a Harlot who will do to us what She did to Israel! when the Lord says “Come out of Her, my people!!!”…  …He ain’t talkin’ about the “World”! God’s people are not in the “World” – He is speaking of the HARLOT, (the counterfeit)! Look deeply into the WORD and you will find Her riding on the Back of the Beast! (Revelation 18:4) 

“To everything, there is a Season. and this my friend is the Season and the Time Under Heaven to get shed of every weight that hinders us and set aside all the busyness under the sun that so pilfers our precious Time and learn to diligently seek the Face of God, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the ONE with the EVIDENCE, and God’s Gifts of the Spirit that we might deliver, first ourselves, then go after those “Tossed by the Tempest and bound by the curse.” “To everything, there is a Season and a Time for every purpose under heaven”  And THIS, my friend, IS the SEASON and the TIME. We are IN IT!

We are in a fight for the Souls of our children and the Soul of Our Nation! WAR HAS COME!!!

Get up you lazy sleeper, Mighty Man of Old,

Seek out the path of righteousness, don’t you move one single stone

Within that Ancient Boundary Line lies Judgement driven home

By three spikes in a Rugged Cross sits our King upon His throne.   ©WC

“There is a Time for war and a Time for peace.” {Ecclesiastes 3:1-8}

¶ Even though, by the Hand of God, Solomon had stepped through the Gates of Time into a long Season of Peace, nearly forty years to be exact, still, in Israel’s heavily fortified kingdom rode a cavalry of 12,000 horsemen and on its celestial grounds stood 4000 stalls of chariots of war not to mention his inventions of war, his infantry, his navy, and his Mighty-Men-of-War. His warrior father, King David, did, by the Will of God, the Spirit of God, and the Hand of God, dispense Power, subdue, and put the Fear of God into the heathen nations that surrounded Israel, bringing peace to the region. Thus Solomon, at somewhere between the ages of fourteen and twenty, inherited from his father a well-fortified kingdom seraphically covered by the Hand of God. This Crown Jewel, Israel, at that Time was hidden in the Secret Place of the Most-High and was at rest neath the Shade of the Mighty Wings of the Ancient of Days. By the Will of God, the invaluable gift of the Wisdom of God was bestowed upon Solomon for the asking. Somewhere between the ages of fourteen and twenty or so, he began to build the Kingdom of Israel into the most wealthy, powerful yet blissful Crown Jewel that ever graced the face of the earth. It was Godly, powerful, full of Light, organized, and endowed with a PEACE that surpassed all human understanding. It was meant to be God’s Crown Jewel of all the earth, a Light unto the world. No one has ever seen the likes of such a thing since. Because the Glory of God emanated from the Ark of the Covenant out of the Holy of Holies in what was known as Solomon’s Temple and because of the Fear of God that Solomon’s father, David, distributed to the surrounding heathen nations no enemy dared to touch this Kingdom of Light, much less try and take it by force.  

¶ However, King Solomon had a serious affliction. He loved strange heathen women. Together with the daughter of Pharaoh, he loved the women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians, and Hittites, which the LORD had said unto the children of Israel, “Do not go in unto them, neither shall they come in unto you”… (Do not mess with them) …for surely they will turn your heart away from Me unto heathen idols”: Sadly, like Sampson before him, Solomon’s heart burned for these heathen women. He loved them!!!. Seven hundred wives he had, all exotic princesses of heathen nations, not to mention three hundred heathen concubines. They turned his heart away from the Lord God Almighty to idols of wood and stone. {1Kings 11:1,2,3 wcv}  WOOD & STONE!  Solomon, the man who built the most magnificent Temple in which the Spirit of God did reside, the First Temple, Solomon’s Temple, which along with all of its glorious trimmings and trappings was overlaid with pure gold and had as its centerpiece the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord, this man, Solomon, who had the Kingdom of God on earth, the Temple of the Lord and Ark of the Covenant laid to his charge fell away from the Lord to idols of WOOD & STONE, WOOD & STONE, and disappeared into the lusty world of decadence causing the Crown Jewel of the Lord to be torn from the hands of his son and cleaved into two kingdoms which warred constantly, one against the other. (The NORTH against SOUTH, sound familiar?).  Unlike his father David, Solomon “had it all” and still, it was not “enuff”.  THE LUST OF THE EYES, THE LUST OF THE FLESH, and THE PRIDE OF LIFE can only be CONQUERED by the SPIRIT of GOD, the HOLY SPIRIT in us!

¶ Slowly, this Crown Jewel, the Light of all the earth began to pale, taking on itself the dim appearance of a slaked, and jaded woman.  Reflecting, as off of a smudged and dingy mirror, Her Glory was dulled by an ashen lackluster from whoring with the heathens. She eventually became what the Lord called nothing more than “a WICKED brood of vipers” {Matthew 23:33} full of doctrines of men, doctrines of demons, and perversions until finally, being completely destroyed in 70 AD, not one stone was left upon another. It was for them “A Time to be torn down.  {Ecclesiastes 3:6,5 wcv}  For as Jesus Himself later prophesied, “There shall not be one stone of this place built upon the other that shall not be thrown down.”{Matthew 24:2}  Do not deceive yourself into thinking that we, in this here United States, are not on the brink of such a thing. The Crown Jewel of the Lord, Israel, disappeared to be seen no more until it was miraculously resurrected by the Hand of God nearly 2000 years later, just after WWII, in1948 AD when it was, just as prophesied, once again “Under heaven, A time to be Born”, though she is not yet “Born Again”.  So you see, we are as much a part of God’s plan as were David and Solomon, for we who are IN CHRIST are the Children of Abraham, the Children of the Promise, which brings us to another encampment 2,748 years on down the road on the far side of God’s earth where we find another Nation yearning to be born out of an encampment, not unlike David’s Ziklag, known as Valley Forge.

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(Continued in Part II)


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