¶ How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of my Kinsman Redeemer, the Fetcher of My Soul, as He strides down the Sides of the North thru the flora and the fauna of His own creation, just to meet with me down here in the valley below. With every step, all of creation seems to pale before the Glory that emanates from His Presence.  Before each step, the brilliant flora fades into a subtle pastel. Before each step, the beasts, and critters of the forest and the beasts and critters of the field slowly prostrate themselves before Him as He comes striding down the Sides of the North. Before Him, for a few short moments, all of creation seems to hold her breath, while behind Him, all of that lovely goodness that compasses Him about dovetails into His wake with an uncontainable exuberance. Behind HIM the flora explodes with colors and hues far richer and more brilliant than the moment before. The fauna of the field and the fauna of the forest revel at His feet with a rollicking joy as if they had just been informed that they were to live forever, which seems to put a smile on His Face. Defying gravity with several swift sweeps of the wing, the birds of the air that were perched before Him with bowed heads, rise all about Him, entwining themselves in a frolicking flight that, for a few quick moments, resembles a terrifying, Old Rugged Cross, yes, thatCross“, then, kvelling about in a shapeshifting move they crossover into what seems to be a joyful cross – kinda like a cross between the Texas Two-Step and the Tennessee Waltz, rejoicing aloft.

¶ All the while, I’m gazing up from the valley below, thinking; In my forty years of being Born Anew, I’ve never seen anything like this before. My, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the Feet of this King, this Prince of Peace, this Fetcher of Lost Souls, the One Who fetched me, Who, with all the Power of Almighty God, is Comin Down the Mountain, proclaiming, ‘Peace on earth and goodwill towards men” (Isaiah 52:7, Luke 2:14) …for whosever will “come to Him” before the final judgment descends.  And even though I know He’s the One Who fetched my soul forty years ago, I’m standing here thinking; Who is this?  When out of the deep blue yonder rolls a loving Voice, not unlike a peal of thunder, bearing out,  “Do you not remember?”  “This is My Beloved Son in Whom I AM well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17)

I fall to my knees, lift up my hands, and sing:

Blessed is the Man who follows,

Follows hard after You.

Strong are his hands when the strength of that man

Is knowing You, the Truth.

For we who have come thru the Fire and the Flood

Know full well,

It’s the Spirit, the Water, the Water, and the Blood

That overcome.

It’s the Spirit, the Water, the Water, and Blood,

These Three agree, these Three in One.

The Spirit, the Water, the Water, and Blood

Overcome the World.    ©Will Callery

¶ Before I can get to the next verse I feel a powerful, yet passionate Loving Hand upon my shoulder and hear a Voice as sovereign as all of heaven speaking, “Stand up dear brother.” As I arise, I find myself face to face with my Kinsman Redeemer. All I can utter is, “Oh, Lord, I am undone, I am a man of unclean lips living in the midst of people with unclean lips.” (Isaiah 6:5)  Still, I found myself peering into the depths of a boundless expanse of tranquility so great that nothing could disturb my soul. Nonetheless, while lost in the deep Love of His eyes, He spoke to me with all the tenderness of God’s Great Heart, saying, “You must not call unclean what I have cleansed.” (Acts11:9)  I do believe He was speaking of me. …still further, deep beyond the fathomless lovingkindness in His eyes loomed, what seemed to be, stormy billows of vengeance. Within these stormy billows, I caught a terrifying glance of a judgment soon to fall upon those who do trouble Him so. Deep within those billows brewed an ominous storm of such magnitude that, I believe, we will grieve with weeping for the souls of those upon whom it is about to descend. For all the souls of the proud and arrogant mockers, for the souls of the haughty, and the souls of the perverse, for the souls of the filthy who did, of their own free will, bow in admiration before the sorcery and perversions of the Wicked One to eagerly have their consciences seared by the hot iron of Diablo – even for the souls of the trite, the naive, the petty and the piddler, who for silly little reasons refused Him. Yet perhaps the most terrifying Judgment of all will fall upon the Theological Aristocrats who spent their entire lives building Highfalutin Towers to employ multitudes of Spiritual Socialites, HIRELINGS, to build for them their Castles in the Air, to proselyte droves of working men and women to come and “wish upon a star” that they, by giving, $$$, might someday reach the stature of the Aristocrats and Socialites who, not only “with great feigned words have made merchandise of them” (2 Peter 2:3), but have, in the process, turned many of them into “more than twice the sons and daughters of hell than they are. (Matthew 23:15)  Subjects of the GREAT HARLOT who built her “High Towers” on every corner in hopes that the PRECIOUS FOUNDATION laid down by the Apostle Paul, which does offend her so, might be looked down upon as something strange out there in the shadows of her Babylonian obelisks, while, throughout the ages, she has lived deliciously in her “High and Haughty Tower”, well-heeled and well-cloistered from the TRUTH.  It is upon all of the above that this ominous storm of vengeance is about to fall. And you have got to know this; this fiery vengeance, the Vengeance of the Fiery Touchstone, that is about to descend upon the wicked who do so love the HARLOT will be far beyond what the mind of any man can conceive, and because of the severity of this coming storm, I believe I saw tears flow from the eyes of my Kinsman Redeemer, “…for His great desire was to gather all of us beneath His wings.” (John 11:35, Luke,19:41, 13:34)

¶ Still, though He said not a Word, I felt as though the Lord wanted me to peer deeper into the vast infinity of the eyes into which I gazed, beyond that great expanse of tranquility, beyond those stormy billows of vengeance, even beyond the terrifying tempest of judgment, and righteous indignation, which I did!  Beyond all of that, I gathered a glimpse of what appeared to be a Golden City with mansions built of sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and all manner of precious stones, and there, in the heart of it all, appeared the throne of God out of which emanated an Emerald bow. It was there, upon a golden altar before Him that did sit a set of scales upon which I saw the souls of men and women, hanging in the balance.

¶ I began to weep uncontrollably for what was about to befall them when I heard a Voice which said, “How shall they call on Me in Whom they do not believe? How shall they believe in Me in Whom they have not heard? How shall they hear of Me if there is no one to tell them, and how can they tell others, except they themselves be saved and sent? Oh, how beautiful upon My mountains are the feet of them that preach My Gospel of Peace, taking My glad tidings of good things to all mankind.” (Romans 10:14,15)

¶ I began to wonder, am I in a dream, or have I awakened out of a dream? Forty years ago I was myself struggling in the midst of this present, evil world. Yet because of a strong, benevolent, Unseen Hand of abounding mercy and unwarranted Grace, I escaped its twisted reasoning, enticing desires, lustful charm, and seductive offers, unlike so many of my old compadres who just could not seem to shake the comatose of that Thousand Yard Stare. Instead of being seized, enabled, and groomed for deception by the ruler of this present, evil world, here I am, whether in a dream or awake I do not know, watching You Comin’ Down the Mountain in all of Your Glory to meet with me down here in the valley below. “Yes”, He said, “that’s why I came, to ask you something today.”, “Oh?” I said, “What is it, Lord?” …then from out of the boundless expanse of tranquil Love deep within His eyes, He said, “Perhaps you can help and tip the scales a bit more for some of those poor souls you saw hanging in the balance.” “You see”, said the Fetcher of My Soul, ” I think your feet are beautiful upon the mountains, too.” (Isaaiah 52:7, Romans 10:15)

THE OUTSHINING ©will callery


God bless you each and every one with a revelation of who He really is!

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