Cain just was not Abel,

He had a twisted bent,

Through the windows of his soul

Loomed a brooding discontent.

He would not listen to the Lord,

No! He had a storm to brew,

He fooled around with darker things,

He loved forbidden fruit.


Abel was an “honest thorn”

That pierced him through and through.

Ah! His father bore the scruples, yes

But his mother, well, she bore bad news.

How could they go on loving God

After what He’d put them through?

“Somebody’s going to pay for this

My brother, he’s Abel, he will do.”


“I’ll lure him to the meadow,

There I’ll strike him down,

Then head back into Eden

And build myself a town

Of Goliaths and Nephilim,

Men of great  renown;

Men of ‘craft’, an ancient breed,

Even God cannot throw down.”


“Cain, Lamech, and Tubal-Cain,

We will fly the ‘Skull & Bones’,

We will make God curse the day

He drove us from our home! ”             ©wc

¶ Yes, that same ominous thing that flew out of the black abyss into Eden, bringing to an end the ancient age of perfection, has once again crawled up out of its infernal region into the tossed and turbulent sea of mankind. Out before this thing run the atmospheric forces of bluster, huff, and the wrath of derangement, pounding the nations with peals of contention, strife, and division while striking men’s minds with seething bolts of hot, ill-tempered madness, setting them one against the other, charging the atmosphere with anger, rage, insanity, and bloodlust, as if Satan himself was striding through the land, RAISING CAIN, which is exactly what he’s doing. He has, like the serpent that he is, shed the shroud of the spirit realm, as a viper sheds its skin, and crawled out into the open, present natural realm of humanity, taking on the forms of men, women, and yes, even children, who now strut about the earth, RAISING CAIN!

¶ In the RAISED spirit of Cain, they rage. Their only desire is to raze to the ground all that is good, peaceful, honest, righteous, holy, kind, and loving, healthy, vibrant, prosperous, strong, and beautiful. They want to divide The Kingdom of God, then strike God down (as if they could), just as they want to divide this Nation and strike us down!

He rose up on an ill wind out of Eden,

His precious stones diffusing every ray,

Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes,

Bringing us to where we are today.

He’s been around since long before the “Fall”,

In the Mountain of God’s Fiery Stones,

Deceiver of mankind in The Garden,

Don’t you dare trust trust him with your soul.      ©wc

¶ That Golden Tower, the United States, that stands in a most magnificent vineyard, America, is beginning to take on the appearance of a dilapidated shack in an overgrown vineyard. Overtaken with thistle, thorn, and nettle, poisonous vines, vipers, and vermin, all because its former husbandman, the Obama-Nation of Desolation, came in and with flashing teeth, lies, and flattery, and set up camp to covertly kill, steal, and destroy. They came RAISING CAIN, besieging our land from within! And who allowed it? As a whole, we did not “Raise up the Standard of the Lord against it.”  We did not “Pray it down”. we did not “stand in the gap for victory.” We did not pray and fast and war in the Spirit! We were too busy! …and not unlike Cain, we had “Other things to do”. We had our own storm to brew…such as bicker amongst ourselves. We allowed it!  And so,

She sank into the night, It was titanic, (America)

Dividing soul and spirit long ago.

Stealing thru the shadows with the phantoms

Yearning for a fix she sold her soul.

Taken by a flood of fancy fables

Now she dances with the satyrs, like Jezebelle,

While the blood of her children cry for vengeance

Lord, “Send these godless devils straight to hell .”


¶ The first chapter of the Book of Isaiah says, that if we let our country get into a shape such as this, that  “Evil children will rule over us, RAISING CAIN,  that our cities will burn with fire while strangers, RAISING CAIN,  devour our country right before our very eyes, and that our land will be overthrown by strangers, RAISING CAIN, strangers dwelling right here in the midst of us… {Isaiah, Chapter 1,¹}  …and so, do we not now find ourselves in the midst of a bloody, behemothic paradigm shift as strangers strut through our land RAISING CAIN?

¶ Oh, but that “Still, Kind, Benevolent Voice” is about to send out one last call to the ‘Wicked Seed of CAIN’, saying, “What have you done?” “Like the blood of Abel, the blood of your aborted innocent unborn cry out to Me from the earth! Your hands, your aprons, your forceps, and knives; your ‘silverware’, souls, and bank accounts are dripping with the blood of your unborn children.”                                                                                                                                            And you say to me, “Am I my child’s keeper? That ‘thing’ in me was mine to do with as I saw fit! My body is mine!             And so, says the Lord, “I say to you”, “Your perversion, rebellion, and provocation has transcended that of the Provocation in the Wilderness, it has surpassed that of Cain, Nimrod, Esau, Moloch, and Herod. You have with blithe, and flippant amusement come under the spell of Jezebel.”                                                                                               “And you say to Me”, “So? just what are You gonna do about it? You have no authority here. We’ve already thrown down your bouffant stars and religious clowns and You did nothing about that. Even if you are really there, we have cut Your bands asunder, we have nothing to do with You or Your Covenant. You have no power here. Your overflowing Judgement will not come near us. We have a made covenant with evil, with the Prince of the Power of the Air! Can you not see, we have already overtaken most of the world and that your Nation and Israel are next? We are in league with the ‘Wicked One’.”                “One last time I, the Lord, say to you who love The World and the ways of CAIN who are of that Wicked One,Because of your addictions to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, the root of your own evil is on the brink of overtaking you for all eternity, but I will deliver My nation, for America and Israel are One.’           “And still, you say to Me,” “Have you not heard? We are the Illuminous Ones, the Illuminati, we rule the earth!  To answer Your question, yes! We are our brother’s keeper, and like Cain, we will do as we wish to those of you who think yourself Abel!  Do You not understand, ‘we’re RAISING CAIN!!!”

Then the Lord will thunder, “That may be, for a season, but because of the innocent blood which you have spilled, from the blood of innocent Abel to the blood of over 50 to 100 million innocent babes massacred in the wombs of American women, which from the days of Abel till now has cried out to Me from the ground! …Know this; while you are RAISING CAIN, I am RAISING a REMNANT, and I tell you now, One of Mine will put to flight a thousand of yours, and two of Mine will put to flight ten thousand! Do the math, Cain, then prepare yourself to meet the Ancient of Days, for I AM on my way.”  Says the Ancient of Days!!

¶And so, as we find ourselves smack-dab-in-the-middle of this bloody, behemothic paradigm shift we come to the stark realization that, oh yes, judgment has come, but oh my, how we forget; it begins in the House of the Lord. With us! Yes, there are those in the House of the Lord who give no place to guile, offense, rudeness, haughtiness, competition, and pride but most of us need to get down on our knees, even fall upon our faces, and ask our Father in heaven to deliver and restore us into the Image and Likeness which we were originally made, praying daily, “Oh Lord, create in me a clean heart, renew in me a Right Spirit.” {Psalm 51:10} “Deliver me from myself, for every I go, there I am”!  And so the Lord says, “Save your theatrics and sheath ‘your’ sword, it will be by  My Spirit, not yours, says the Lord.”            ©wc  

¶  This WORD comes forth from the Lord: As I said to Peter, “Satan desires to sift you like wheat…” “I say to you, the Ecclesia; Satan desires to sift you like wheat and the Father is going to let him, but I will pray for you, says the Lord!  In the midst of this behemothic, bloody, paradigm shift many will grow cold and walk away, many already have, while others are ‘playing games, therefore I AM going to take you apart at the seams, however, when I restore you, I will not miss a ‘stitch’, for you will be sewn with a Cord of Three Strands and nothing shall ever again tear you to shreds.  You will be a New Garment sewn with a Cord of Three Strands. You will be a Garment like no one has ever before seen. You will not be a Telit. You will be made of White Linin!  Not ‘linen’, but ‘Linin’.  (Linin is the network of invisible material in a cell’s nucleus that holds your genetic code together). You will have a New Genetic Code “A New Name” –  I will give you a “White Stone” and upon this “White Stone” shall be engraved your “New Name” that only you and I will know  He who has ‘ears’, let him hear and understand! Says the Lord, the Ancient of Days! Only those who ‘Live’ in Me will be clothed with My White Linin. The Body of Christ will never again look the same! You will be ONE with ME. You will be Mine, and I will be yours says the Lord!”  Though you will be but a REMNANT, CAIN, who is of that ‘Wicked One’ will fear you, for he is terrified of Me! …

There is a tough and a vicious vine

Entangling hearts of men,

A tough old root of fallen life

growing deep within,

Wrapping up this heart of mine

I am tangled up in blue,

Tripping up my every step,

Put Your axe into these roots.


Cast out this tough old miser,

Run his hide out on a rail,

See he not come ’round here beggin’

With those poor and pitiful tales.

With a fast-buck and a shortcut

He will return with seven more.

Stand your ground new-born-soul and know,

This is a war!


Thou hast formed us for thyself

And restless we will be

Until our tossed and turning souls

Find ourselves in Thee.

So I seek the Fire of God,

I really don’t need no more proof,

I am past the point of no return

Put Your axe into these roots,


Only Fire can burn a heart

In the Fire He does appear,

A holy maddness burning out

A deep and Godly fear.

Deep within your soul

He wants to glow like molten gold,

Flowing from the Father’s heart

Root of Jesse from of old!


{©Root of Jesse, a Psalm by Will Callery} 

ROOT OF JESSE, a Psalm by Will Callery ©William & Cynthia Pub. Co. ©2008, BMI


The WORD of the Lord given to Cynthia, June 19th, 2020. The Lord says, “Watch Me undo all that has been twisted, contorted, and confused, For I AM coming with great Power to set my people free! I hear your prayers and your cries, stay with Me! Oh, for I AM a jealous God and, I like you, and I AM jealous for you. I hear you and I will answer you, says the Lord! For I AM the Ancient of Days! “


God bless you each and every one with an overwhelming desire for the Truth!


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