¶ Now that the sun has finally set upon the year 2020 and that mahoosive bandwagon of Tall Tales, spun yarns, and fancy fables has disappeared into the setting sun carrying that great company of Snake Oil Peddlers known as the Peppermint Prophets (Oh, what a show it was! How they did love handing out candy and don’t God’s people just love sweets). Now that their smoke has finally settled and their now-you-see-em-now-you-don’t-mirrors have all been shattered, you know, “smoke & mirrors”, and that massive, cosmic, Conestoga full of fables, yarns, and tall tales has long since taken its flight-of-fancy back over the Great Divide, wobbling them all back to their heavenly hideouts out there in the Great Beyond, we can certainly look back past all their branny rigamarole into the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 with clarity, and Oh my, how sobering the changes, and Oh my, how shy the prophets.

¶ As filmmaker Billy Wilder said years ago, “Hindsight is 2020.” I would like to add to that, “Unless it is a Word from the Lord, only hindsight is 2020.” I have never in my life witnessed so many surefire prophets stuttering and backpedaling after staking their reputations on what they thought would be as sure a thing as the easy-sailing re-election of a Sitting President. All natural understanding pointed to it and oh how hitting the nail on the head would feed their egos (Evil Goin’ On), build their credibility, increase their ministries, and sell their books, some of which have already proven false, which, in case, one in particular, in its second publishing, changed its description from Prophecy to Fiction Dealing With Prophecy. Tricky! Notwithstanding, “…there are at least seven thousand true prophets in the land today who have not bowed to Baal.” {Romans 11:4, 1 Kings, 19:18}

¶ One of the Nine Gifts of the Spirit is God’s Gift of the Word of Wisdom which is one of the three Revelatory Gifts. All of the Old Testament prophets possessed this Gift as would a true prophet of today. Need I elaborate on the fact that if God truly gives a Prophetic Word to one of His Prophets that it will have any difficulty manifesting? …that any hindering or blocking spirit from the dark side could actually prevent a Prophetic Word from the Lord from taking place exactly as the Lord said it would when given to a True Prophet? If you don’t believe that, just ask Jonah. If God could be hindered by spirits of interference then God would not be God! When a man or a woman stands before a nation, or even a small congregation, and says, “Thus says the Lord” and it does not come to pass exactly as they say, that man or woman is a false prophet. They may be a novice with the best of intentions, hearing their own voice (as far too many do), yet all too willingly out of the great emotional zeal of the flesh they still proclaim, “Thus says the Lord!”  …that, my friend, is False-Prophecy. On another hand, one may be hearing a word of deception from the evil one and mistake it for a Word from the Lord. These are novices in need of correction and Scriptural understanding.  The Word of God says, “rebuke them sharply that they may become SOUND IN FAITH.” {Titus 1:13}  The Gifts of the Spirit are not toys to be played with. False Prophecy, no matter who it comes from can be as devastating as Livin’ On The Gover’ment Plantation and is, In Deed, one of the things that have put us here! It is a Godly Foundation of Power (Dunamis), and a Godly Foundation of Power alone that keeps a nation stable. Far too many of our One-Hour-&-Forty-Five-Minute-Sunday-Go-To-Meetin’-Dress-Up-Charades make us nothing more than the laughingstock of the One-World-Order. Still, as serious as all of that is, there are still more weighty matters, “For there are certain men/women who have crept in under a cloak of deception who were before of old ordained for damnation. These are ungodly men/women who have come to turn the Grace of God into a lascivious thing (while professing with their mouths to know the Lord, their hearts deny and reject Him and their teachings will deceptively draw you away from) the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.” {Jude 1:4}  “They profess to know God, but in WORKS they reject and deny Him. They are disobedient, abominable, and reprobate in every GOOD WORK.” {Jude 1:16}  If this was not weighty enuff, there’s more! There is an overabundance of Charismatic Circuit Riders that whiff of wolf these days. They are the larger-than-life, self-promoting gainsayers who….”…drooling with greed, shining with charisma, and sporting great feigned words come to do nothing less than make merchandise of you.” {2Peter2:3 wcv} (and chuckle all the way to the bank) Whatever else any of these may be, they are all, In Deed, FALSE PROPHETS.  Not indeed, but, In Deed, Practicing False Prophets. When it comes to saying, “Thus says the Lord”, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God, (TO PLAY GAMES WITH PROPHECY) {Hebrews 10:31}  If you are a professing prophet you had best be hearing from the Lord for the consequences for prophesying falsely are grave, and not to be taken lightly. “Many will say to Me in That Day, ‘Lord, have we not prophesied in Your Name’, I will have to say unto them, “I don’t know you! You’re cursed! Depart from Me into the everlasting fire with Satan and his fallen things.” {Matthew 7:22,23 & 25:41 wcv}  False prophecy rolls off the tongues of characters that range from immature Christians who are romantically enamored by the lives of Old Testament Prophets and do not comprehend the seriousness of their actions, to highly charismatic, well-versed gainsayers, to sorcerers from the dark side; all dressed up like Revelation Knowledge in Robes of Stolen Glory, shining with charisma, drooling with greed and sporting great feigned words, (and believe me), they come to do nothing less than make merchandise of you.” {2Peter2:3 wcv}

This is the kind of nonsense, In Deed, that makes Livin’ on the Gover’ment Plantation such a hard reality, as they say here in Kentucky, to get shed of. It empowers the godless, weakens the nation, belittles the sincere, and drives souls off into the darkness. {Titus, chapter 1}

LIVIN’ ON THE GOVER’MENT PLANTATION by ©Will Callery ©William & Cynthia Pub. BMI

God bless you, each and every single one with a heart capable of spiritual understanding and a mind that desires nothing less than the Truth of God, which is the only thing that will bring the Gover’ment Plantation to its knees.

Of A Truth: Out of a 24-hour day can we not find, at the very least, 2 hours to spend with the Lord? What a difference it would make in this nation of ours! PRAYER, rightly used, is the most POWERFUL WEAPON on the planet!


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