You know, that Guy that leased out this VINYARD has been gone for a long time. Our ancestors claimed they knew Him right well, and several generations back they shut everything down on Sundays in honor of the Fella. I remember, some of our fathers used to pay Him tribute every once in a while on Sunday at one of the many denominations of their choice, you know, if they could find one that suited them. Myself, I don’t think He’s comin’ back. Let’s not send Him His share of the harvest this fall and see what happens. If He doesn’t take any recourse we’ll do the same next year and if we don’t hear from Him then let’s cut Him out, renegotiate the shares, and divi up the profits amongst ourselves.  I mean no one has ever seen the likes of a VINYARD such as this. Other vineyards have never seen “Seed” like this. They’ve looked high n’ low and can’t find  “Seed” like this anywhere. It’s quite mind-boggling. The “Seed” that produced this VINEYARD produces a thousandfold more than the finest vineyards on earth, the acreage the Man bought is beyond number, I mean it stretches out into eternity and there’s no climate like this anywhere on earth but here, and It produces year-round. Where did that Guy get “”Seed” like this? I mean the Guy provided us with  “Divine Seed”,  offered us a Great Deal, and then just left.  I honestly don’t believe He’s comin’ back. Let’s “put a hold” on His share and see what transpires. If this plays out right, we can all become filthy rich without acknowledging Him at all. Perhaps He doesn’t even exist anymore. Perhaps He’s dead, after all, that’s what Friedrich Nietzsche said, and according to the World, why, Nietzsche is greatly admired!

My dear friends, compatriots, and those who are my brothers and sisters in Christ, I have just painted for you a prophetic portrait of the American Church Void of the Spirit and of our once Beloved Country as they each stand on their “last leg” today!

America, America, my Lord, and my God, what does it take to get your attention?

“From the soles of your feet to the crowns of your head there is no soundness in you, Your minds are the devil’s playground², your soul is but an open wound, and your spirit is dripping with rot…is there no Balm in Gilead”, Is there no Great Physician here? (Isaiah 1:6, Jeremiah 8:22)  You have innumerable forms of godliness yet you deny the HOLY SPIRIT, the very POWER (DUNAMIS) of God, the sovereign, INNERMOST BEING of the Father! You know, the ONE with the EVIDENCE!!! (2 Timothy 3:5)

Have you not noticed? Your country is desolate, your cities have been burned with fire, and your once beloved nation is being overthrown by Strange Children right before your eyes. (Isaiah 1:6,7) Have you not noticed, that your beloved Vineyard has become nothing more than a desolate nation surrounded by bloodthirsty myrmidons? Strange Children!” (v. 8) Have you not noticed that this is all written, verbatim, prophesied, if you will, in that out-of-date, dusty old Book you call a fable, deem useless, and that many of you even mock, you know, that Old Book called the Word of God, the Bible!

I am here to tell you, “If the Lord God of the Armies of Heaven had not left us a very small Remnant of Divine Seed we would, indeed, suffer the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.” (v.9)

You mean, there’s HOPE?!?

As Isaiah said, long ago, “If the Lord of the Sabbath had not left us a Divine Seed (in these here last days) we would definitely² become as Sodom and made like unto Gomorrah.” (Romans 9:29)

Do you have any idea of what that is that’s knockin’ on your door?

Well,  how many of us do you think will have to die?

I’ll say this, as I can only speak for myself!  I may live out my life in Divine Health until the Winter of my Years is spent and I step over into that Eternal Spring of the Year, or, I may be “Taken-Out” tomorrow.

However, whichever it may be, this I know; I WILL ONLY DIE ONCE!… But, I will attest to you the Truth; these Strange Children will, indeed, DIE TWICE!!!

You mean, there’s HOPE?

Well, “If it were not for the Great Mercy of God, we would all be burning in hell…” but according to the Book of Lamentations, chapter 3, Verse 22, “…His Divine Compassion NEVER, NEVER FAILS.” 

He has, in Truth, given the wonderful GIFT of REPENTANCE and ETERNAL LIFE in JESUS CHRIST to whosoever will receive “IT”. That kinda puts the “Ball” in your “Park”, does it not?  In Deed, do you want to be gathered with the “Deadfall” and burn in hell with Strange Children or spend eternity with Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of God? (Matthew 13:30,40)  It’s that simple, nonetheless, I must warn you, “He wants your WHOLE HEART! Anything LESS is but a Strange Child! (Jeremiah 3:10, 24:7,)

THE KINGDOM OF GOD by Will Callery ©William & Cynthia Pub. Co. ©2008 BMI


Thank you, Debra Crabtree, for the magnificent, prophetic painting of His Return!


¹ wcv / My Emphasis / Version  (Always taken from the Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Arabic definitions, translations, and connotations”

² / My Insert(s)

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