¶ Looking back into that day when I was nothing more than a burned-out, debauched son of Adam, laying in a pool of my blood {Ez. 16:6} by the side of one of the many serpentine roads lacing the deeper more ill-tempered haunts of the Badlands, conscious only of the slow, circling shadows of vultures, the swift, low sweeping forms of winged predators and the faint sound of wolves milling about in the distance, to, in an instant, finding myself whole, healed and of a sound and Godly mind, standing safely in the Love, splendor, and majesty of a Warrior King, the First Born from the Dead, Jesus the Christ, overwhelms me to this day. In an instant I found myself in the Victorious Foothills of the Land of the Living all because a man, obedient to the Lord, a dear old compadre who had been delivered out of the Badlands himself five years before I, had prayed for me every day throughout those five years, and had, by the design of the Lord and the guidance of His Spirit, stepped out of the safety of the Inner Court and back into the Badlands to retrieve me:  “…to whom much is given…much is required.” {Luke 12:48}.  In the twinkling of the Lord’s eye, I found myself in the Victorious Foothills of the Land of the Living. Delivered from Death and Restored to Life!  The Lord heard the desperate cries of my heart and sent a man.  Because of this Divine Intervention on my behalf, this Word burns in my heart to this very day: “…to whom much is given…much is required.” {Luke 12:48}  Certainly, nothing equal to Moses yet similar in time, being schooled by the Spirit of God while working the forests and woodlands of this nation for nearly thirty years plus another eight years staying aloof of the public eye while He taught my  “Hands to war and my fingers to write” and because the “Pen is mightier than the sword”, I return to traverse this treacherous neck of the woods, these Badlands, to see if I might be of some use in bringing others out of that God Forsaken Place into the Foothills of Victory. The Foothills of the Sides of the North.  The Foothills of the Mountain upon which rest the Feet of my King, where you can pass through those magnificent Gates, the Threshold of the Kingdom of God. For up that mountain and through those gates runs the Old Path, The Only Road Out of the Badlands – The Only Road Out.

I found you layin’ by the side of the road,  {Ezekiel 16:6}

I scattered the wolves, I carried you Home.

Everything that I have, son it is yours,

But you’ve got to go back into the midst of those wolves.

My Father said, son, I have another.

When I gave you My WORD, you gained a Brother. {Hebrews 2:11}

A Kinsman Redeemer, a Warrior King,

He will deal with those wolves

You just bring in My sheep. ©wc

The Badlands that I was delivered out of, by the Hand of Almighty God, is no longer the Badlands I once knew, no! They seem to have become the Brimstone Badlands! …and they seem to have done so overnight. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is filling up with a people I do not know! It is filling up with a people whose ways I do not like and would not have liked even back in my rough-and-tumble days of running with the Wild Bunch. These are a hateful, heinous, and plundering people of strange countenance and dark mutterings, a bloodthirsty lot whose consciences seem to have been seared by the hot iron of Diablo

¶ I believe it’s beginning to dawn upon some of us just how twisted, dangerous, wicked, perverse, treacherous, violent, cruel, and insane these Badlands are becoming: Read {2 Timothy 3:}. The Badlands, a place where, not long ago, such God-forbidden-atrocities were seldom heard of and never winked at is quickly becoming the place where they are now considered “The Law of the Land”, the “New Norm”. This “New Norm” is now set on high by demented souls with deranged minds who, by willfully succumbing to the spirit of rebellion against God, have allowed their minds to be ruled by unbelievable, looney illusions of grandeur sent from below. When approached with Truth and confronted for their vile perversions and insane actions their unbridled emotions trigger the heinous spirits that have set up camp in the deadness of their soul and now completely rule their psyche, and when triggered, release raging tsunamis of violence, and hate, madness, and mockery accompanied by strings of lewd profanity which subsequently, due to insanity, has become the only language they now speak, making them into the iconic character of their master. They have opened the gates of their souls, not only allowing but extending a personal invitation to Satan to come in and set-up-house. Don’t think he won’t! They have handed over to Satan the keys to their souls, the Keys of Death and Hell. And if, as they say, “There is no God and there is no evil one”, why do they so violently hate the Righteous Thing?  The result?  Raving Utopian Oddities; madmen, who cannot even have rational conversations amongst themselves. They claim their  “New Bill of Rights” as sacred and God-given, yet they say nothing is sacred and God does not exist. This “New Bill of Rights” includes such things as the legalization of murdering babies (in and out of the womb) by ghouls who go by the name of – Planned Parenthood?  What kind of deranged animal flippantly snuffs out the life of its offspring while calling it their god-given right, then goes out proselyting young, naive minds to follow suit and become twice the Child of Hell that they are, all for monetary gain? This is nothing less than the resurgence of the Mephistophelian  Bloodlust of Baal and Moloch! If it’s not a human child (a precious life from the miracle of conception) then what in the great Name of God Almighty are you giving birth to? Not only that – how in the world did you get here? These ghouls take it one step further by carving up these newborn children and selling their tiny body parts on the marketplace. Even though the Word of God says in {Luke 17:2 *wcv} that on That Day “It would be better for these to have millstones hung about their necks and for them to be cast into the sea than to stand before the Lord for the wicked offense they have carried out against these defenseless little ones.”…it just does not seem to be punishment enough!!! And they call us haters and Nazis?  I must say, they are certainly goose-stepping in perfect time with the former keepers of the death camps of Auschwitz and Dachau.This is nothing less than the return and rise of the deepest of the perverse that Baal and Moloch of old have to offer. This “New Bill of Rights” also includes the acceptance of the porn industry’s perversion as “adult entertainment”. When your ‘kicks’ play out there you can move on into human trafficking and child porn and become a full-fledged predator who drinks the adrenaline-laced blood of children while dining on the flesh of stolen innocent little ones. Dear God in Heaven, there is only “one” who could dement and derange a mind to do such things as this! Dare we touch on the justification of infanticide and euthanasia without being bombarded by their death threats as they rage about their (god-given?) rights to control the population and put the ‘not so fortunate’ out of their misery? They call this “compassion”. They call this, “Saving the World”.  These sinister, macabre crimes exceed premeditated murder in the first degree by light-years. The Badlands are indeed entering into the long-prophesied dark age of the Great Tribulation. Need we even try and count the lost marbles of the spoiled, childlike, Cry-Station Snowflakes and Screamers whose meltdowns are prompted, encouraged, and fueled by the intellectually bankrupt, animalistic, God-hating profane professors who are now occupying the ‘Chairs’ of our once highly respected and hallowed institutions of higher learning? These once hallowed institutions of higher learning, Yale, Harvard, etc., were founded by men of God upon the Word of God, to further civility, integrity, justice, the fear of God, reverence for the Name of the Lord, holiness, and Truth throughout the land!  Lord, how these attributes “…have been slain upon the high places…” and replaced by the base lies and carnal desires of their assassins.  “Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” {2 Samuel 1:19 wcv}*.  As we make our way down along the descending River Styx, that foul-smelling river which takes us into the shadowy land of the damned where lies the entrance to the most forboding veers of the Badlands, we realize that we must navigate that Stygian subterranean sea that the River Styx empties into known as the Lake of Lies, whose foul fog veils the One World Order, in order to venture down into the most fierce and howling temper of these deeper lairs and covert hauntsAs we do, it becomes more than obvious; we had best be well-armed!!!  Not to-the-teeth with blood-letting devices of war, vengeance, and havoc. No, the Blood has already been spilled, the Blood of the Lamb Slain, which makes the Weapons of Our Warfare far more powerful. We must be suited up in the Full Armor of God, skilled in the handling of the Sword of the Spirit, sealed by the Blood of the Lamb, and operating in the Love of God and the Gifts of the Spirit before we dare reach down into these hellish holes of the Prince of the Power of the Air to retrieve those held captive.  So much for much of American Christiandom!!!

I’ve seen it happen, it’s no mystery,

Youth and zeal ain’t no match for age and treachery.

So save your theatrics and sheath your sword,

It will be “By My Spirit”, not yours, says the Lord {Zec. 4:6}  ©wc

Of  A Truth: In these Last Days, the Lord says, “…I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” (Joel 2:28)  ” And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come (Matthew 24:14)   The Lord says, “Do not look to man!”  “It will be By My Spirit, says the Lord.” (Zechariah 4:6) 

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