<<A Psalm of David, when he fled from Absalom his son>> 

1 “For how they have increased that trouble me, how they’ve grown from scores to hoards that rise up against me.

2 Unencumbered and beyond number are they who say of this man’s soul, ‘There is no help for you from God.’ ” (Psalm 1:1,2) wcv

¶ Early on, in the days of his solitary youth, out there in the distant hills, fields, and mountains in the sheepcotes of the Deep Fetch David was, by the Hand of God, illuminated by a Divine Spark.

¶ Thru all the diverse weather, from the clement to the inclement, this young and fetching mystic poet, gifted singer, and virtuoso of stringed instruments, this faithful, and fearless little shepherd boy was at home in the wilds of the Deep Fetch. He was at home in the wilds of the distant hills, fields, and mountains watching over the flocks of his father, Jesse, while enjoying intimate, undistracted, fellowship with his God, the Ancient of Days, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Who would ever have thought that this ruddy young fella had slain a lion and a bear? He did not string their teeth about his neck on a leather thong nor did he swagger into the bar in town bragging about it, but said instead, “It was the Lord Who delivered the lion and the bear into my hands”. By Divine Providence, a few years later, yet still a boy, David found himself face to face with the most terrifying warrior the Philistine army had to offer. It was a “Divine Appointment” set up by the Lord with whom he did so intimately fellowship.  Thus, David did, with but a sling and a stone in his hand, address this terrifying warrior, this Giant of Gath, with these very words; “Yes, I slew the lion and the bear, and now, this uncircumcised Philistine, Goliath, is about to become as one of them for railing the armies of the Living God.” (1Samuel 17:36,37)  David drew down upon himself the laughter, ridicule, and mockery of the entire Philistine Army as well as the embarrassment of the entire Israeli Army, until this ten-foot tall, Giant of Gath hit the ground like a felled Cedar of Lebanon with one smooth stone from the sling of David sunk deep into his skull.

¶ Here, in Psalm III, we have the same celebrated, warrior King of all Israel, the very warrior King who conquered Jerusalem, established a nation, and set all her enemies to flight, now grey and grizzled, taking flight himself from a young man named Absalom, his very own son, who with lies, manipulation, and high treason, turned the entire nation of Israel against its beloved, aging, warrior King, the Patriarch, David.

“Absalom, the most handsome man in all of Israel. From the soles of his feet to the dark locks of his head there was none in all of Israel so beautiful, (nor alluring²).” (2 Samuel 14:25)  Hmm, a bit reminiscent of Lucifer, wouldn’t you say?

¶ This highly charismatic, wickedly ambitious, charming deceiver of a son burned with the fires of covetousness for the kingdom that Almighty God had placed into the hands of his warrior father, David. Absalom slyly courted, and skillfully wooed nearly the whole nation of Israel into a rebellion against his father, God’s anointed, while pretending at the same time to be his most loyal subject and sincere ambassador only to find that his own actions had drawn him into a deadly contest with God. (Acts 5:39) (How many Absaloms do we have in the pulpits of America today).  A Godly man cannot vindicate himself before the wicked and the fool, the slippery and deceitful, that chore lies in the Hands of God alone, which is why Absalom found himself pulled from his horse and helplessly suspended in midair by the dark locks of his beautiful hair from an oak with three arrows thru his heart. (2 Samuel 18:9,14) The very one who said to his father, “There will be no help for you from God” is the very same one who found himself hanging helplessly between heaven and earth with three arrows from the bow of Joab thru his heart. “Tis a fearful thing to play games with God” (and His anointed ones)” (Hebrews 10:31,¹wcv)  Ridicule, not reason, doesn’t work too well in the end, yet it seems to be the weapon of choice chiefly used by the enemies of Truth, who never consider the dead reckoning in that age-old colloquialism, “Boy, there will be hell to pay for that!” (MH+WC)

¶ In these Last Days, the spirit of Absalom has certainly reappeared, rising like an apparition out of the past. This imposing spirit, so intriguing to the unbeliever, soars like a beautiful Black Swan over America today. The shadow of this winged, Luciferian leviathan upon the earth below is what the deceived see as a cool, liberating, comforting shade from the burning conviction of the Lord, however, it is nothing less than the Spectre of Death, the spirit of Absalom, the Beautiful Deceiver. (2 Samuel 14:25)  Just as he did, in the Gates of Jerusalem, three thousand years ago, he has reappeared today, selling himself once again as the Benevolent Man of Wisdom. Promoting himself as the righteous judge, the young and gifted new-age statesman full of revelation knowledge, and wisdom; promising salvation without repentance, prosperity without working, blessing without accountability, receiving without giving, love without boundaries, freedom without a fight, and peace without the Prince of Peace. Yes, this Absalom, with his alluring looks and stellar theatrics courts all of America including all of Christendom today, wooing the naive, the gullible, the proud, and the greedy into the House of the Harlot, which brings us to the Epistle of 1st John, Chapter 2, Verse 19, with the old Apostle John giving us a perfect description of Absalom today; “He went out from us, but he was not of us. If he had been one¹ of us, he would have continued with us. Know this; he is not one of us.”  David goes on to say in Psalm 41:9, “This old familiar friend in whom I trusted, who did dine at my table, has lifted up his heel against me.” This is all confirmed as relevant to the hour in which we live right here in the U.S.A. today by the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts, Chapter 20, Verse 30, where he says, “Also from your own selves shall men arise speaking perverse things, drawing away the proud, the greedy, the offended, the weak, the discouraged, and the gullible.” “Yes, there shall arise false Christs and false prophets everywhere, showing great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if possible, they will deceive the very elect.” (Matthew 24:24) ¹wcv

…which drives this Rough Old Psalmist of Kentucky to sing with all of his heart, “If I had but the wings of an eagle how I would fly from this troubled place. If I had but a hidden lodge in the mountain of God where they could not find me I would dwell there until my days on earth were done, then I would, in peace, cross over the Jordan into the sweet, celestial Light of heaven and meet my First Love, my Kinsman Redeemer face to face. Oh, if I could, I would leave today. If I had but the strength of my youth I’d be nowhere to be found. I’d leave this backbiting, gossiping, slanderous region of “consecrated” harriers for higher ground.” ©wc   (based on Jeremiah 9:2, Psalm 55:7)

Yet, because of the will of my Father, I cannot! And so instead, I sing the Song that David sang when he fled from Absalom, his son;

1  <<A Psalm of David>> “Oh, how they have increased that trouble me, how they’ve grown from scores to hoards that rise up against me.

2  Unencumbered and beyond number are they who say of this man’s soul, ‘There will be no help for you from God’.

3  But You, Oh Lord, You are my strength, it is You, not them, that compasses me about. You are my glory and the lifter of my head.

4  I cried out, Oh Lord, help me!  And out of Your Hallowed Hill

5 You overwhelmed me with peace and I laid down and slept and awakened with strength, sustained by You.

6 Unafraid of the ten thousand times ten thousand that have set themselves against me, thinking, they have compassed me about.

7 For I know You will arise, O Lord, and undertake my defense (as You have throughout my life), for I have seen You break the jawbones and shatter the teeth of the ferocious ones that come to kill, steal, and destroy.

8 Indeed, indeed, indeed, O Lord, Deliverance, Salvation, and Victory come from You and from no other, yes, You belong to us and we are Yours, therefore, Your blessings and Your mighty Works are ours. Your Deliverance, Your Salvation, and Your Victory do indeed, O Lord, belong to me. Selah. ¹wcv

¶ How easily we forget! We must remember the prophecy of Psalm II.The Kings of the earth are standing up, and with the rulers of the nations are gathering themselves together against the Lord and against His Christ.” (Psalms 2:2, ¹wcv)

¶ Oh yes, just as Absalom gathered all of Israel against his father, David, the armies of the earth are, this very hour, gathering themselves together against the Lord’s Crown Jewel of the West, this here United States, and the Lord’s Crown Jewel of the East, Israel. What looks to be dire straits for us and for Israel, though it be but “The Beginning of Sorrows” (Matthew 24:8), in a very short time, will ultimately prove to be the end of all wickedness on earth. All wickedness will soon be brought down beneath the feet of our Returning King by our Returning King. (Matthew 22:44)  David himself prophesied this three thousand years ago in Psalm CX (110:1)  when he wrote, The LORD said unto My Lord, ‘Sit at My Right Hand till I make for You a footstool of Your enemies’.”   This was confirmed one thousand years later by the apostle, Mark, in chapter 12, verse 36 where Mark says of David, “For David himself said, by the HOLY SPIRIT, The LORD said to my Lord, Sit here at My Right Hand till I make Your enemies Your footstool.” (Mark 12:36)  “Mark” it wellAll of the wickedness on this earth is, indeed, on the brink of extinction.

¶ Now, whether or not the Lord will restore this nation to war against the Anti-Christ until He returns we don’t know, nonetheless, this I do know; All the goodness of man and all the righteousness of man along with all the patriotism this nation can muster are, without Jesus Christ, “…but filthy rags in the sight of God the Father.” (Isaiah 64:6, Philippians 3:9) . Leave the Lord Jesus Christ out of the equation and our nation goes under. Freedom without Christ is but a “pipe dream”! Pun intended. This, I also know; Praying God’s judgment down upon the wicked in this nation is akin to calling “incoming” down on yourself. Why?  Because “judgment begins in the House of the Lord, with us first”. (1 Peter 4:17)  I wonder? When it’s “All Said and Done”, how many Absaloms will we find hanging from the trees in the churchyards of America with fiery darts thru their hearts?

¶ We can claim that we know Him and that we believe in Him, – Oh? Says the Apostle, James, “You do well, so does Satan and he trembles” (James 2:19), which is more than I can say for far too many who call themselves by His Name.  We can claim that we are the member of some church, or that we’ve been baptized and sing in the choir  – or, here’s a good one, “my daddy was a preacher”, and here, here’s a doozie for you, “Me n’ God, we have an understanding”, yet I suppose the best one of all is, Me n’ the Man Upstairs, we pretty much see eye to eyeHe did give me some common sense, you know holy mackerel, Andy. Holding all this hoopla at bay, I must say, you had best, beyond any and every shadow of doubt along with every gameplaying scenario your defensive heart can devise, along with every other compromising device known to man, be confident that HE KNOWS YOU, for we are standing on the threshold of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ the Lord and He is coming back with a vengeance to claim what is His and send to hell, in its own pretty little handbasket, what ain’t.

¶ Jesus Christ is not returning as the benevolent Teacher to be mocked, spit on, and cruxified as the Sacrificial Lamb. With all of that, He said, “It’s Finished!” He also said, “He that will not gather with Me is against Me. When I return to gather all things unto Myself he who will not gather with me will be put to flight and wasted.” (Matthew 12:30, Ephesians 1:10, ¹wcv)  He is returning with a vengeance never before witnessed by the eyes of man to claim what is His and send to hell, in its own pretty little handbasket, what ain’t.  And so, this Rough Old Psalmist of Kentucky sings,

BEYOND THOSE HILLS ©will callery

Who raised up that righteous Man from the East and called him to My feet?

Who, said all of the nations were going to be blessed

Thru the Blood of His Seed?

Who said, vengeance is Mine to be tread out beneath the feet

Of this Seed of Abraham, Son of David, Returning King?


Lift up your eyes Beyond Those Hills from whence comes your help;

You are the seed of Abraham,

Like him,

You are My friend!

Just like him,

You are My friend!


Who raised up that shepherd, warrior poet over the fold?

Who called him out to the fight, against all odds

With just a sling and a stone?

Who gave that giant as prey to be trampled neath the foot and heel

Of that little shepherd boy who sent Goliath straight to hell?


Lift up your eyes Beyond Those Hills from whence comes your help;

You are the seed of Abraham,

Like him,

You are My friend!

Just like him,

You are My friend!


Who is this Friend that sticks closer than a brother?

Who said, “Not one stone shall be left upon another”?

Who, “On the Third Day,” said He would rise up and return”?

If “One day is as a thousand years”, here we stand

On the brink of eternity.        {Beyond Those Hills ©wc}

In Summary, I would like to say,

¶ A divine answer from God brings nothing less than rest and peace, even “In the midst of danger from known enemies, false brethren, and suspected friends. Like David, I will lay me down and rest, for if the Truth be told, it is the Lord alone Who sustains me.”  {Psalm III, vs.5 & 6, ¹wcv}

THE KINGDOM OF GOD  by Will Callery ©William & Cynthia Pub. Co. ©2008, BMI


God bless us, each and every single one with Honesty, Truth, and Conviction.

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