3 “O Lord, my voice will You hear in the morning, my singing will You hear at the break of day, for I will be watching, and waiting for You, O Lord, to set my day in order” (¹wcv)

¶ For it is You and You alone, O Lord, that kept me thru the night in sweet repose. Safe and sound in slumber did I rest. Ten thousand times Ten thousand bloodthirsty cutthroats could not find me, nor a lone assassin seek me out, for I was hidden in the hollow, the Hollow of Your Hand.©wc And though they say to me, “There will be no help for you from God, for there is no one left to do you any good” {Ps.3:3, 4:6, ¹wcv}  Yet here I am rejoicing in the dawning of a new day, waiting for You, O Lord, for You have never failed me, neither have You ever failed to put my enemy beneath my feet.

¶ Here we have King David at the breaking forth of a new day, waking up in the midst of a bloody coup in which violent, deceitful, bloodthirsty men, are being furiously stirred up against him, spurred on into a deadly witch-hunt led by his own son, and still, David, with his whole heart loves this coldhearted, ungovernable son of mutiny, Absalom, who with lies and beguiling solicitation has set nearly all of Israel out on a wicked manhunt to kill his own father, the King. And how does David start his day?… by composing, and performing on an instrument of 10 strings, a psalm unto the Lord, Who alone is David’s Refuge, and High Tower in times of trouble.  Here we have King David, three thousand years ago giving us what we know today as Psalm V,

<<For the Choir Director, for flute accompaniment, A Psalm of David.>>


1 Give ear to my words, O Lord

Consider my meditation.


2 Heed the sound of my cry for help, my

King and my God,

For to You do I pray.


3 In the morning, O Lord, You will hear

My voice;

In the morning I will order my prayer

To You, then wait and watch.


4 For You are not a God Who takes

Pleasure in wickedness;

Evil cannot dwell with You.


5 The boastful, the braggert, and the deceiver shall not stand before

Your eyes;

You do hate all who love iniquity.


6 You destroy all those who speak


You Lord, abhor those who spill innocent blood

And revel in deceit,


7 But as for me, by Your abundant

lovingkindness I will enter Your house,

In this¹ holy temple I will bow in

Reverence before You.


8 O Lord, lead me in Your righteousness

Because of those who hate me;


9 There is nothing sound¹ in what they


Their inward makings love destruction;

Their throat is an open grave;

They flatter with their tongue,


10 Hold them guilty, O God;

By their own devices let them fall!

In the multitude of their transgressions

Thrust them out,

For they are rebellious against You.


11 But let all who take refuge in You be


Let us ever sing for joy;

Shelter us,

For we who love Your Name 

Will exalt You.


12 For it is You alone Who does bless the

Righteous man, O Lord,

It is You, and You alone, Who surround us with favor as

With a shield.

¶ That, my friend, was taken from a combination of interpretations of the Word of God, (KJV/NKJ/AS/BBE, etc.)   Considering, what with all, and then with now – considering the explosive, volatile atmosphere in the United States today with David’s predicament then, this then is how Psalm V might be lifted up to the Lord as a dire petition today, given the cache of powder kegs upon which our once Great Crown Jewel seems to have taken a seat:

1  <<A Morning Psalm to be delivered to the Master Player of the Pipes.>>

<< A Psalm of David.>>

Lend me Thine ear O Lord my God, for it is you alone that knows all of my yearnings.


2 Mark well my voice, my King, and my God, for it is unto You that I do bell-out. It is unto You alone that I do reckon-up my prayer.


3 My song upon an instrument of six strings will You hear upon the wind in the wee hours of the morning, O Lord, for it is in the wee hours of the morning that I do lift my prayer to the heavens above and wait, looking up, that You might set my day in order.


4 I know full well, O Lord, that You take no delight in wickedness, nor wink at the ways of the rogue, the maligner, and the hoodwinking hustler, neither shall perversion flaunt itself in a filthy parade before Your eyes.


5 For in Your sight no perverse, drooling-fool, no violently insane murderous madman, no cool, calculating cutthroat, no strutting peacock, or deep pocket puppet will stand for long, for they are forever objects of Your divine hatred.


6 For You will destroy the brotherhood of falsehood, and the brotherhood of violence and bring down to the pit the Father of Lies, along with Satan’s lessor leasers of hogwash, and all of those who make it their business to raise Cain and scatter calamity. Under Your mighty Hand of judgment, the bloody will drink their own blood and the deceitful dig their own graves. (which is what they are doing this very hour)


7 But as for me, my compass is set for the House of God, where, in the abundance of Your mercy and the riches of Your grace, I will worship You in reverence and in fear, in Spirit and in Truth.


8 Lead me, O Lord, by Your Holy Spirit. Order my goings thru the great gatherings of my enemy, for they are many.


9 Their great, and swelling words amount to nothing more than flighty scantlings of flattery, clouds incapable of holding water; their inner makings have been wrought in the dens of devils. Their throats are open graves, and off their tongues and thru their lips flows the venom of the viper. They are treacherous, they are filthy, and they are profane, but they are no match for You!


10 Lay them waste, O Lord; let the counsel of their own craft come upon them. Drive them down into their eternal home, the abyss.


11 But we who put our trust in You will dance the dance of all dances. We will rejoice forevermore, for Your Word and Your Hand is our defense. We are the ones who love Your Name.


12 For You, Lord, are faithful and You, O Lord, are True. You crown us with favor, and bless us in the midst of the battle with glory, defense, favor, and victory.

and so the Old Psalmist of Kentucky has interpreted the Sweet Psalmist of Israel, and yet goes on to write:

Heavy winds are blowing thru the nations.

And they pound against these battered hills of mine,

Yet He shelters us in hallowed Hands

While changes crash in thunder bands,

Shaking all that deadfall from the trees.


Need not we die in vain up in these hills,

Or fly like shadows blinded by the Light,

But stand instead and face the wind,

Let it blow away the sin,

That we might see

The Face of God


What will you do when arrows fill the sky,

And you hear footsteps of terror in the night?

Why did you wait until so late?

What’s that comin’ thru your gate?

What you did not believe, it’s at your door.


He who dwells in the secret of the Most High

Shall abide in the shadow of His wings.

I will say unto the Lord, “You are my refuge from this storm,

My very present help in times of trouble.”


Need not we die in vain up in these hills,

Or fly like shadows blinded by the Light,

But stand instead and face the wind,

Let it blow away the sin,

That we might see

The Face of God.       {The Face of God ©Will Callery}


In Summary, let it be known;

¶ David was tempered because he had been tried. He was strong because he knew the Source of his strength. He was faithful because he endured persecution, and he was forgiven because he was repentant.

¶ If we are truly repentant – our character, kilter, and standing are changed by the everflowing mercy and grace of God, but sin will always remain the object of God’s Divine hatred. Need I say more?


ROOT OF JESSE  by Will Callery ©William & Cynthia Pub. Co. BMI ©2008


Lord, bless each and every one of us with the Wisdom to get shed of every weight that does hinder us so. And “for the asking”, instill in us the “character” and “timbre” to endure by setting our sight on that “Great Joy that is set before us, Jesus Christ, the Lord – our returning King.”

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¹wcv / my emphasis/version (which is always based on the Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew definitions)

² / my insert

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