<<Psalm XIX, Verse XII>>


Errors! Who understands his own errors; (You know, the ones that hide themselves from us. Lord, Holy Spirit², reveal them to us so we might repent and be…²)…clean of hidden evil and secret faults. (v.12, ¹wcv + ²)

¶ Now that verse just might have a little something to do with true HOLINESS.

¶ There is an eternity of difference between what is Holy in the eyes of the Lord and what is “Right” and even “Moral” in the heart of a man. Oh, how “Right” and “Moral” the religious man can be and still be completely in the dark when it comes to the true Holiness of the Lord. The Scriptures do not simply allude to this, they plainly declare, “Pursue peace with ALL men and HOLINESS without which no one will see the Lord, without which no one will see the Lord, without which no one will see the Lord. (Hebrews 12:14) It doesn’t get more clear than that!

¶ Without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the ONE with the Evidence, we do nothing more than walk in a “Morality” whose boundary lines are established by our own carnal understanding. We measure out our own perimeters, draw the “Lines”, and mark our boundaries, then, as the old song says, we see how close we can “Walk the Line” without, “accidentally of course”, overstepping our own “boundaries”, and if we do, Oh, “No Worries,  I’ll just realign the boundary lines a smidgen or two”. Then we declare,  “My goodness, don’t you know?… “God’s Grace is Sufficient”…only to find out later, if we are truly Walking with the Lord, that what seemed so “Right” and “Moral” was not only foolish, stupid, and goofy but that our “actions and attitudes” were spiritually devastating to ourselves and perhaps even damning to others.

¶ Now, if a man possessing the spiritual stature of King David, “The Man After God’s Own Heart” recognized this about himself when he penned in verse 12,  “Errors! Who understands his own errors; You know, the ones that hide themselves from us.” …why is it that so many of God’s people today, especially preachers, pastors, apostles, and even so-called prophets are not the least bit concerned about it?

Which leads the Old Psalmist of Kentucky to sing,

Wake up you lazy sleeper,

Mighty Man of Old,

Seek out the God of Holiness,

Don’t you move one single stone,

For outside His Ancient Boundary Lines

Lies Judgment driven home

By Three Spikes in a Rugged Cross 

Rules this King of Hearts

From David’s Throne.  ©wc     {excerpt from Shining Like The Sun, ©wc}

¶ {A Parable} – For those of us who take the Word of God seriously, there are, out there on that Old Heart Worn Highway, Touchstones, Milestones if you will, for they do indeed mark our progress, and that when “touched by” are full of “Understanding” (revelation) and “Power” (Dunamis) and if knelt before and pondered on our long journey home will not only REVEAL but deliver us from “Hidden Errors” and “False Presumptions” that we honestly did not know were there. And it seems as though the more of these “Hidden Errors” and “False Presumptions” we get shed of out there on that Old Heart Worn Road the more these Milestones become Touchstones, producing of course, more Milestones until they become as stellar as the stars, appearing here, there, and everywhere when least expected, and when “TOUCHED BY THEM”, they are, in Truth, far more Powerful than before, making us feel as though our souls themselves were suspended among the luminaries, high above that rough Old Roman Road, you know, that Old Heartworn Highway. Not only do these Touchstones flood our hearts with the cherished Presence of the Lord, but – Spiritual Milestones that they are – they REVEAL to us more and more the Mysteries, Perfections, and Treasures hidden deep within the Nature of Jesus, all of which He greatly desires to impart to us that we might fulfill the Scriptures and become “Partakers of His Divine Nature” (2 Peter 1:4) which will, in turn, fill the VOID in our heart left by all those old “Hidden Errors”  and “False Presumptions” we “ditched” out there on that Old Heartworn Highway, then, as we put more of that Old Heartworn Road behind us we are, by these Touchstones, Milestones if you will, being continually filled and established with greater degrees of His Divine Nature that cannot be shaken. All of this works together to form in our hearts a Great Fountain of Full Resolve out of which will flow Rivers of Living Water that will, forever, wash away “Hidden Errors” and “Great Presumptions” in us and others.

¶ So, tell me, just what are those Touchstones That Mark The Miles and those Milestones That Mark The Touch?  Why they’re the Touch Of The Master’s Hand. The HOLY SPIRIT!

¶ When the Kingdom of God starts coming into view, literally, out there on the horizon, that’s when we begin to realize; You know what?… …the Word of God says that we’ve gotta be “cleaned out”,  “cleaned up”, and “filled” to get through those Gates! That, my friend, is when we truly become aware that it’s TIME, you know, NOW or NEVER, to invite the Holy Spirit to begin dealing with us to see just what it is that is hiding out down there in those dark corners of our hearts just beyond those “now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t” shifting shades and shadows that seem to get so disturbed and restless when “noticed” by the Spirit. It’s called the Dark Night of the Soul and it ain’t no “Cakewalk”. More than likely, you will find it to be the most Honest Laden, Convicting Stretch of Road on that Old Heartworn Highway.  It is, down to the slightest fault, the part of the Sanctification Process that takes place when the Holy Spirit, not the reasonable “look-alike” that tells you everything’s cool and that you’ve already arrived, but the ONE with the EVIDENCE that does, indeed, reveal our hidden character wherein lies all that old stuff our “Old Man” dearly loves to keep dropping off at our doorstep.

¶ It all begins when you first hear that knock on the door (of your heart), and you open the door, thinking perhaps it might be the Lord and there stands your “Old Man” (the man you used to be) saying, “Here man, I’m sure the Lord wants you to have this stuff back. It’s really neat stuff, you ain’t gonna get thru this world without it. I mean these are those excellent weapons of defense that have served you so well for years. I found ’em back there along the road in a ditch. Sumpin’ really bad must a been after you!  You’re gonna need these to finish your journey. I mean it’s rough out there and you’re gonna need these – You’ve already paid for ’em, they won’t cost you a dime! I mean all they will cost you is your soul, but you were never concerned ’bout that before, you can always deal with that later.”  You look down and there, layin’ at your feet, are your old defensive tactics; Your reviling nature, Your hidden lusts, your license to sin, religious covers, theatrics, self-vindication, convincing denials, and your PRIDE – All that Deadly stuff that hides out in our heart until we are Baptized in the Holy Spirit and God’s Refining Fire, you know, the ONE with the EVIDENCE! It is then, that things start to get REAL!

¶ When we become Born Again we come into the Kingdom of God as spiritual babes. There ain’t no “overnight”, “quick works” of instantaneous sanctification that will bring anyone into some kind of miraculous maturity somewhere around midnight after being Born Again for a year or two or even ten. That is Presumptuous! Youth and zeal will never be a match for age and treachery!

¶ There is indeed an immediate, exhilarating, miraculous change when we become Born Again and the Spirit of God comes to dwell in us. It is nothing less than the difference between life and death, day and night, and though it is an exhilarating freedom, it is NOT the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire with the EVIDENCE.

 “Then Paul said to them, ‘Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?’ “And they said unto him”, ‘We’ve never so much as even heard of the Holy Ghost’. 3 “And Paul said to them”, ‘What then were you baptized into?’ “And they said”,  ‘John’s baptism’. 4  “Paul then said”, ‘John baptized with WATER unto REPENTANCE, saying to the people, that they should believe on Him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus’. 5 “When they heard this, they were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus”. 6 And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they SPOKE IN TONGUES, and prophesied.” (Acts 19:2-6) 

¶ The Gift of TONGUES, my friend, IS the unmistakable EVIDENCE of having been Baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire.

¶ I may be mistaken, but If you don’t have EVIDENCE of ownership, YOU DON’T OWN IT!!!

¶ Back in my day, you used to go to jail for stuff like that.

¶ It is the Holy Spirit, the ONE with the EVIDENCE, that shows us the “Truth of the Matter”. For me, it was many years ago, after being Baptized in the Holy Spirit and Fire, and gifted with the EVIDENCE, that prompted me to invite HIM, the ONE with the EVIDENCE, to reveal to me the Truth about myself, back when I first began to take honest stock of my makings and motives (which I still do). Well, after taking a good look at the evidence through the Eyes of the Spirit I seriously considered changing my name and moving to some distant place where nobody knew me. I went around for months singin’ that old Roger Miller song, “Dang me”, “they oughta take a rope and hang me, hang me…”

¶ It was then that the Lord truly began to show me both how fundamental and paramount it is to “Pursue peace with ALL men and HOLINESS, without which no one will see the Lord.”  (Hebrews 12:14)   …and those two things; “Pursuing PEACE with ALL men and HOLINESS” are absolutely impossible to achieve until we are Baptized in the Holy Ghost and Fire and sanctioned with the EVIDENCE. Without the EVIDENCE it is impossible to operate in the Gifts of the Spirit, and without the Gifts of the Spirit all we have is a manmade counterfeit, and the only power in a manmade counterfeit is the power of deception.

¶ And Guess Who’s Comin’ To Dinner? A Counterfeit Christ! Let me tell you, he will not be a Natural Man, he is going to be the Most Magnificent Man that ever walked the earth since Jesus Christ our Lord, and if you have a counterfeit holy spirit you are going to love the Counterfeit Christ. He will enamor you! You will have, indeed, fallen into the most DEADLY of PRESUMPTIONS.

 “For there shall arise (forerunners to the AntiChrist²), FALSE CHRISTS, FALSE CHRISTS, FALSE CHRISTS,  and false prophets, SHOWING GREAT SIGNS AND WONDERS, insomuch that, if it were possible, THEY SHALL DECEIVE THE VERY ELECT.”  (Matthew 24:24) 

¶ If the “forerunners” to the AntiChrist are that powerful, what in the great Name of Almighty God do you think the Counterfeit Christ himself is going to possess? He is not coming as a gargoyle, ghoul, or monster (though he is all of those), or some resurrected, freedom fighter of renown, NO! He is coming as something far beyond an Angel of Light. He is coming as CHRIST!  I am here to tell you that WILDFIRE, STRANGE FIRE, YOUTH, ZEAL, FIERY FLESH, AND DOCTRINES OF MEN WILL BE NO MATCH FOR THE AGE-OLD DECEPTION AND TREACHERY that’s comin’ down the pike.  Theatrics, the bring-it-on-attitude of attacking hell with a squirt gun, wildfire, strange fire, great oratory skills, talent, showmanship, playing the age card, and promoting yourself as a mature “old man of wisdom”, along with all the highfalutin structures and agendas man can manufacture will be the sad demise of those who entertain feigned spirituality or any OTHER RELIGIOUS EXERCISE VOID OF THE SPIRIT, from “mick jagger antics” to the “old dead doornail”.  Without the SANCTIONED EVIDENCE of the Holy Spirit, you will play right into the hands of the Great Presumption. If we are truly “Called” – real signs and wonders had best be following us.

And these signs shall follow them that believe; IN MY NAME shall they cast out devils; and² they shall speak with new tongues…heal the sick…raise the dead, and yes², cast out devils. (Mark 16:17, Matthew 10:8, Acts 2:4, Acts 19:2-6) 

 One of the Nine Gifts of the Spirit is TONGUES, and “IT”  is  SUPERNATURALLY POWERFUL. “IT” is the harbinger and the herald of operating in the other Eight Gifts of the Spirit. – Lester Sumrall.  Beware of anyone who says otherwise!!!

13 My Lord and my God, keep me from the “Great Presumption”!  In every way, shape, and form², let it have no dominion over me. Keep me, Lord, (by Your Spirit²), upright and blameless of the Great Rebellion.


12 For (without the Gifts of the Spirit²) who can see (discern) the deadly ever-growing Error (lying signs and wonders), the Great Presumption? Keep me. Holy Spirit², clean from secret evil (the counterfeit; theatrics, presumption, sorcerry, and pride, etc²).


14 Holy Spirit², govern and sanctify my words, my actions, and my thoughts, that they might be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD,  for YOU (alone²) are my STRENGTH! It is You alone, my “Next of Kin” that has performed the Great Purchase of my soul, my KINSMAN² REDEEMER!  (¹wcv + ²)  (Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, LORD!!!)

¶ “No one, on the face of this earth, can operate in the Gifts of the Spirit until they walk through that door with the EVIDENCE!” {LESTER SUMRALL, “The Gifts and Ministries of the HOLY SPIRIT”, pg. 122, ©Whitaker House Pub. Co.} {Lester Sumrall sat under Smith Wigglesworth & ministered with signs and wonders following him throughout the world for years with Howard Carter}

¶ There are only THREE THINGS that will keep you from obtaining the EVIDENCE; FEAR, PRIDE, and the godless agenda of GAINSAYING!!!


¶ According to the Old Expounders and the Ancient Expositeers there are, lodged within the fourteen verses of David’s Psalm XIX, Three Books.

Book I of Psalm XIX, {Verses 1,2,3,4,5,6}, {The Book of Creatures, Creation, and Nature} …of which I have taken the liberty of dubbing “The Book In Which We Live”, written by the Finger of God out of what we cannot see and breathed into what we can see by the Breath of God.

Because of the 1st Book, “We have no excuse.” (Romans 1:20)



Book II of Psalm XIX, {Verses 7,8,9,10,11}, {The Book of Scriptures, The Written Word of God, The Bible} of which I have taken the liberty of dubbing “The Book That Lives In Us” wherein does reside the Three Books of Psalm XIX 

So, ONE does indeed reside in the OTHER and the OTHER in ONE.

Because of the 2nd Book, we can become “Partakers of His Divine Nature” (2 Peter 1:4)



Book III of Psalm XIX, {Verses 12,13,14}, {The Book of Errors, Presumptions, and The Great Remedy}

…and in the 3rd Book the Lord is saying, “Come Out of Her, My People.” (Revelation 18:4, Jeremiah 51,45)

God’s “people” are not in the world. The Lord is saying, “Come out of the Harlot.” – the One who refuses the EVIDENCE.  

Because of Your Great EVIDENCE, O LORD, lock forever within my heart what is HOLY in Your sight. Seal me in Your Spirit, and forever deliver me from the Deadly Presumption!  AMEN? AMEN!!!

WILDERNESS SPIRITS by Will Callery ©William & Cynthia Pub. Co. ©2O13 BMI


Holy Spirit, for the asking,

You have Baptized me in Your Fire!

I see things I’ve never seen before!

Now I am a Keeper,

Signed, (Signs & Wonders)

Sealed, (by the Holy Spirit)

And Delivered (from the Great Presumption).

Now I am a Keeper of Your Door!       {excerpt, Ashes In The Wind, 


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¹wcv / My Emphasis / My Version (Always from Greek, Aramaic, & Hebrew translations, definitions, & Connotations)

² / My Insert(s)

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