1. Blessed is the man that does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,

Nor take his stand in the ways of the sinner,

Nor sit in the seat of scoffers and mockers.

¶ So opens the Book of Psalms with a Wisdom as relevant to the hour in which we are now living as it was when written 3000 years ago. The greater weight of the Book of Psalms was penned, composed, and performed on instruments of 10 strings and instruments of 8 strings throughout a lifelong adventure in the Kingdom of God by the youngest and the least of Jesse’s eight sons. As a young boy, David was not highly esteemed by his father, Jesse, and regarded as even less by his seven brothers. David, the ruddy, handsome, little dreamer was looked upon as fit only for watching over the livestock in the distant hills, mountains, and fields. However, David was, at some time in his early, solitary youth out there in those hills, fields, and mountains of the wilderness, illuminated by a Divine Spark and gifted by the Hand of God. What David’s father, Jesse, and David’s brothers deemed to be an out-of-touch with reality dreamer, Almighty God saw as a mystic visionary, a Psalmist, a musician, a warrior, a prophet, a poet, and a king. God looks at the heart! The Ancient of Days Himself addressed David as, “A man after My own heart.” To me, David is the most esteemed, In-Touch-With-God, mystic poet, gifted instrumentalist, and singer-psalmwriter of the ages.

And so, we open David’s ancient Book of mystic poetry to Fetch out of antiquity, the Truth, and a Deep Fetch it is.

¶ There is an overwhelming multitude of godless creatures, Strange Children, walking the earth in these Last Days, not at all unlike the hedonistic tribes that surrounded Israel back in the days of David who think that both God and man alike should bow down to them and their godless counsel, unfortunately, there is more than a mixture of this, these days, in what some in America are calling “The Church”. From the eighteen teams of mules and one team of horses in Silicon Valley’s early days to Hollywierd’s Tinseltown, from Nashville, the Hillbilly Athens of the South to the Rotten Apple, from the phantasmagorical Austin to the dark and dirty City of Blues, Memphis, from the Hotel California in the City of Angles to the Cradle of Liberty, that Long Lost City on a Hill, Boston, from the Emerald City of Washington, Seattle, to the Key Bone Cays of Florida, these high-dollar rewarders of wickedness do rule the industries. From high-tech to the arts, the God-hater, the atheist, the hedonist, the narcissist, the perverse, and the corrupt, have come to rule the top tier. These are the Strange Children of the Father of Lies. And Oh, how the spellbinding, mesmerizing sparks that fly up from the grinding wheels of their wicked industry do so animate the atmosphere with lying signs and wonders, stardust! (They may be stars, but to dust, they will return).  This mesmerizing dust has caused even many of God’s elect to fall under their spell. To prosper in this charged atmosphere of self veneration you must not only breathe the chaff of riff-raff (stardust) you must also have the mark of their father in your forehead or in your right hand, which simply put, means, you must think as they do, be willing to do the things that they do, and you must openly, and unashamedly learn to speak their language; you must F-bomb the firmament with filth, blaspheme the Name of God, and as for lies?…well, they’re more powerful if spoken in a truthlike manner. To prosper in this galaxy of theirs you must desire to walk in the aphotic counsel of the hedonist. What these Strange Children mendaciously avow to be a glowing ember of freedom is nothing more than the bright flash of collapsing souls that create evanescent revelations that unmask one mask only to reveal another, and then another after that. On and on it goes, never achieving that enlightening renaissance they promise or the unveiling of their great Utopian Paradise. Quite to the contrary, in their wake lie devastated lives, families, towns, cities, and nations of lost souls. To them, the Truth is a quandary they greatly fear looking into, for the only Door in – to the Truth – is repentance. Ooh, where does it all end? If what seems to be a light and what seems to be right within these Strange Children is but a lighter shade of darkness and a righter shade of wrong, just how dark is their darkness going to get, and just how wrong is this thing going to go, for them, and for all those who invest in these cosmic, imploding supernovas?  There is such a thing, you know, as a black hole. If that black hole inhales your hide you will find yourself sucked out of this earthly realm and standing more cognizant than ever before a Great White Throne on The Day of Judgement, a very, very bad place to be, for only the damned will be there. (Revelation 20:11) Put that in your game and play it.  If you have a driving lust to Walk in the shoes of the wicked, Stand knee-deep in the filthy Ways of this present, evil, world, and Sit amongst the high and lofty who love to laugh at and mock what is right and holy, you will find yourself forever deceived by the Father of Lies and struck down by your very own doings; condemned by your own stubborn will. You will find yourself perpetually unmasking one mask of judgment against yourself, after another, for all eternity. You will disappear into that black abyss to never again bask in the cool breezes of heaven on earth, nor will you ever again be visited by the mercy of God. The sad thing about all of this is – until you come to the end of it – your life – you will not realize that you’ve lived it all in vain behind a multitude of masks you just could not bring yourself to remove. Lost forever! There is no way under heaven, upon leaving earth, that any masked bandit will enter the Kingdom of God. (John 10:1)

As the mystic poet wrote some 3000 years ago,

1. Blessed is the man that does not take part in all that stuff, that does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,

Nor take his stand in the cesspool of corruption for fame, fortune, and gain,

Nor sit upon that high and heady manmade throne of vanity to mock and scorn what he deems as foolish and beneath himself. ¹wcv

2. No! Blessed is that man whose delight is in the Lord and in His Word,

And in the Lord and in His Word does he meditate day and night.

3. That man shall be like a tree, an ²Oak of Righteousness, ²planted by the Lord Himself, ²by the Lord’s own River, the River of Life, ²a River of Delights.

This Tree, this Oak of Righteousness will bear the rewards of plenty, in season and out.

Thru the deficit of the dearth and the dust of the drought² his leaf will not wither and everything he puts his hand to will mature and prosper. (¹wcv&²)

¶ Now that, my friend, is the Word of the Lord penned by King David, the psalmist, the musician, the warrior, and the prophet some 3000 years ago. A promise flowing from the throne of the Father out of eternity, into and through the heart, the pen, and the gifting of a fella known as “The Man after God’s Own Heart”.  A promise to every Born Again creature from Almighty God Himself, the Creator of the heavens beneath which we live and the Creator of the earth upon which we walk. The Word of God goes on to say, “If you have FAITH even as small as a mustard seed” you can take that promise to the bank! (Matthew 17:20)  Now, just “Whose report do we believe?”  {Isaiah 53:1, John12:38, Romans 10:16, ¹wcv}

¶ “So”, you say, “how is this Promise attained?”  By FAITH! (Hebrews 11:1,2)

“Well then, why is it not being attained by those who call themselves by His Name?”

“I mean, many of us who call ourselves citizens of Christendom know that the things of the Lord are a Deep Fetch, but don’t you think this “Promise” is a bit far-fetched?  “That everything I put my hand to will prosper?”  Why is it not happening?

Well, that is where the Deep Fetch comes in;

¶ According to Andrew Murray, the deepest mysteries of Scripture can be accepted, studied, and even taught to the natural, unsanctified man, by a natural, unsanctified man, but, these natural, unsanctified men cannot be led by the Spirit, therefore they cannot receive the promises of God, it’s impossible. They can know the terminology, and even go through it by the numbers, but they cannot operate in it. What they do operate in is, in the natural, a “Reasonable Facsimile”, a “Mimmic”, or a “Look Alike” which are nothing more than “Religious Counterfeits”, “Manmade Religious Structures” known as the Harlot Church out of which no one can receive the “Promises of God”. It’s impossible because the leading of the Spirit does not begin in the regions of the natural intellect (great minds), with thoughts, feelings, and, I might add, stagy emotions, you know, the melodramatic theatrics of those whose minds are not so great!  No, the leading of the Spirit begins deeper down in the hidden life of the Born Again spirit of man out of which issues a Power that frames our will and fashions our character. How so? Well, it is There that the Holy Spirit takes up residence, breaths, moves, and impels by inspiring us with a new life and a new disposition out of which purposes and decisions ordained by the Spirit will flow. It is There “that we are filled with the knowledge of His will in all Wisdom and spiritual understanding.” (Colossians 1:9)  This Infilling is exuberant and may take place immediately, however, to bring IT to maturity requires a responsible walk in the Spirit, by Faith. That, my friend, is known as Abiding!

It is There! Where? Deep down in the spirit of man that the Spirit of God takes up His residence. (You must desire the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and His Refining Fire). It is There, that the Spirit of God says, Ask, and it will be given to you.” (Matthew 7:7)  It is There that the Lord says, All things, whatever you ask in prayer, believe, and you will receive.” (Matthew 21:22)  It is There that our spirit receives its confidence from the Holy Spirit, for it is There that the Spirit of God entwines with the spirit of man in fellowship. (the Lord has to have your “Whole Heart” for this to work). It is There, in that Secret Place, that all doubt is dispelled. There, there are no shifting shadows of doubt. It is There, deep down in the spirit of man, where the overwhelming Presence of the Lord takes up His residence that we learn that prayer and “waiting upon the Lord” is a gift and a pleasure, for it is There that we find the Lord is waiting for us. (Isaiah 30:18)  It is There that we learn what the will of God is, and what it ain’t. It is There, that the Lord told this Old Oak of Righteousness that Everything I put my hand to would mature and prosper.” (Psalms 1:3)  Oh! How this Old Oak of Righteousness does love living There.  Oh, how this Old Oak of Righteousness does thank God for bringing him back to his Roots, the Root of Jesse!

¶ Now, this Old Oak of Righteousness we’re speaking of, this Tree planted by the River spoken of by King David 3000 years ago in Psalm 1:3, like David, has had his ups and downs which is the very reason why he refuses the alluring deals offered to him by the Prince of the Power of the Air. Like David, this Old Oak of Righteousness, more than likely, has been there and done that and refuses to go back to it. Fool me once, “shame on you”, fool me twice and I’m the fool. Neither is this Old Oak of Righteousness held back by his own common sense, for, over the years, he has learned this about common sense; If you have it, common sense that is, be sure to thank God that you’re not an idiot, however, if your common sense tells you that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and His Refining Fire, along with the Nine Gifts of the Spirit are not for today, and that walking by Faith in the Spirit is foolishness, then you have been fooled by something more base and common than your common sense. Where do you find this arrogant foolery of mankind? By looking in the mirror. Still and all, if your common sense is directing you to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost along with ITS  “EVIDENCE”, the wonderful prayer language of the Spirit, “Tongues”, all the while allowing God to take you thru the Refining Fire while walking by Faith in the Spirit, then your common sense is, indeed, like you, a work in progress that is lining up with the Word of God. If you stay with it and stay faithful, “Everything you put your hand to will mature and prosper.”  However, to receive, you must be Born Again of the Spirit and you must faithfully ABIDE.

¶ Now, in contrast to verses 1 & 2, David says, in verse 3 that the wicked are not like God’s “Trees planted by the Lord’s rivers of water, but are like chaff blown away by the wind.”  Unlike Oaks of Righteousness in essence, the wicked, in comparison may be, for a few seasons, mistaken for Oaks of Righteousness, for many of them are impressive towering giants in the eyes of the world, however, as their days draw to a close, the comforting shade of security thrown by these impressive towering greenbacks on their stately grounds below will slowly darken into a dreadful gloom which does, without fail, always roll in on God’s stormy clouds of judgment. The roots of this towering timbre (t-i-m-b-r-e), their character, if not uprooted by winds of retribution will rot where it stands by fits and starts of stormy reckoning, until, in their entirety, they will all become but standing dead snags littering their grand Homeric Estates beneath with deadfall fit only for fuel, for burning. Firewood! In turn, their grand Homeric Estates will become but boneyards inhabited by critters. In no less than a few hundred years their Stardust, like ashes and chaff, will be scattered to the four corners of the earth by the winds of time; blown into obscurity until the dawning of God’s Great Day of Harvest when their once stellar stardust will be gathered and their souls summoned by harvesting-angels to come and give an account before the Judgement Seat of Christ, known as “The Day of Dead Reckoning”.

My Lord, my Lord, they traded one hundred years of a grand delusion for an eternity in the fires of hell. They lived an enchanted delusion and perished in a baleful deception.

There you have it;

4. The ungodly are like the chaff that the wind drives away.

5. They shall have no defense when called before the judgment seat of Christ, neither will they be anywhere to be found in that eternal congregation of the righteous.

6. The Lord knows those that are His, but the wicked?… will perish, never again to be visited by the mercy of God. ¹wcv

¶ To summarize all of this, I must say this about the Word of God;  Scriptures containing the promises of God are dangerous statements, so dangerous, in fact, that they have caused many to walk away from the Lord in unbelief simply because they did not receive the quick returns they expected. They just could not bring themselves to spend the time in prayer & thanksgiving it takes to reap the returns. They just could not bring themselves to literally believe the PROMISES OF GOD. In frustration and impatience, they turned back to the ways of the world to achieve their goals. However, if the Truth were known, you would find that they simply did not want to spend that much of their allotted time with the God Who gave them that allotted time as a gift. No! they had other things to do.

Yes, there is an eternity of difference between a Tight-Fisted Scrooge and a Wealthy Prodigal Son!

ROOT OF JESSE  Will Callery© / William & Cynthia Pub. Co©, BMI, 2008


God bless you each and every single one with the Wisdom, honesty, sincerity, strength, and desire to seek out the Truth in these Last Days!

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¹wcv / my emphasis/version  (always taken from the Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew interpretations, definitions, and connotations)

² / my insert(s)

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