¶ Having been Fetched out of the abyss, I now sit at the Right Hand of the Father with the One Who Fetched me, my Kinsman Redeemer, Who is, by the way, not ashamed to call me His brother. There are no earthly words that can explain how exhilarating is His company and how grand the view is sitting here at the Right Hand of the Father with the Fetcher of my Soul. My eyes have never before beheld such Majesty!  And though the handy work of the King of Kings is resplendent beyond description, I cannot help but notice that down there in the lower 50 are massive amounts of once-plowed and productive hearts languishing in fields of hard-rock scrabble overgrown by the briar and the bramble. Why I’ve never seen so much Fallow Ground! Whatever has become of the Tillers-of-the-Heartland?

¶ Gazing down upon the lower 50 it seems as though they’ve not felt the shock of the plow nor the raking pain of the harrow in eons.  Decade after decade, score after score, century after century, the fallow fields of the hearts of those living down there in the lower 50 have become priggish and somewhat highfalutin. Content with the world, and protected by prosperity from the shock of the plow and the pain of the harrow they now produce but thorn and thistle, brier and bramble, or nothing at all. They seem to have forsaken the great adventures of Life hidden in that latent Seed of Prophesy out of which blooms Life anew, which can only be sown by breaking up their Fallow Ground. Have they forsaken the Deep Fetch, and if so, WHY?  Because it’s painful. It’s painful “to die daily (to self).” Yes, it’s painful to have your ground plowed and your dirt clods busted up, you know, broken up, exposed to the Light, and refined into fertile soil by the cold steel of a raking harrow. (1 Cor. 15:31 wcv)  Yet these religious oddities simply do not care or ever wonder why they never reap a harvest. WHY? Because they fear what the plow might uncover and what others might see when the clod is busted. Dirt! Simply put, if we fear the breaking up of our Fallow Ground what can the Lord plant?  What is there to grow if the seed cannot be sown? Now ain’t that so!

¶ Let’s move on from the fallow fields to the vintage forests of this Great Land of Promise….where we can hear the sad moaning of the stately Grand Fir, and, like the Oaks of Bashan, we can hear the bitter weeping of the Redwood and the Sequoia. For like the ancient Cedars of Lebanon, they’ve been brought down. The Old Vintage Forest of Honesty, Sincerity, the Fear of the Lord, Brotherhood, and Righteousness is gone. Raped by the politician, the businessman, and the preacher alike. Those who were supposed to be the shepherds of this Great Land of Promise have not only refused to plow her fields, they were found to be but wolves who had donned the sheep’s apparel so they could violently, and arrogantly rape our Vintage Forest with a “clear-cut” for fame, fortune, and self, all in the name of Almighty God.

“Howl to the heavens, you Great Grand Fir,

For like the mighty Cedars of Lebanon, you’re down. 

Like the Giant Redwood, and the Great Grand Fir,

Honorable men are few to be found.

Like the Oaks of Bashan, howl with grief,

For the Vintage Forest of the Land of Promise has been felled.” (Zechariah 11:2 my emphasis)

¶ Let’s go on now and reach down a little further into the Deep for the souls of the common everyday man, woman, and child; You know, the deceivers, believers, and old inbetweeners who are wandering amiss in this once Great Land of Promise. Not unlike the Israelites in former times, if we have been marked for the slaughter it is because we have, as a nation, forsaken God. As the moral foundation of our nation began to crack, one by one, the very ones who were supposed to be the shepherds of our souls and the shepherds of our nation, spiritual shepherds and civil shepherds alike, stepped out of the FEAR OF GOD across that unseen threshold into the deception, corruption, greed, and sexual perversion of this Present, Evil, World for personal gain at the expense of others. From there they were enticed into the Brimstone Badlands by the dark Mephistophelean counsel of the Lord of the Flies. Beckoned by the enticing lies of the Prince of Hell they went on to sell their souls for the bogus riches of a godless utopia. Having had their consciouses willingly seared by the hot iron of Diablo they now bear the unmistakable mark of the idiot. The drooling dummy. Idiot children who wreak of spoiled, and shittey britches! Incoherent idiots! The problem is, they are occupying the chairs of our very own Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and our very own Oval Office, out of which they are daily marking us for the slaughter. This, my friend, is what a nation without God looks like!

¶ And though it looks as though, down there in the lower 50, like the Lord has lost all of His dedicated territory, there are some vestiges of fertile soil, little Edens, if you will, that He Himself has tilled and kept well hidden from the wiles of the Evil One for these Last Days for one last season of sowing, known as, the Planting of the Lord.  Out of these small vestigial Edens safely tucked away in the curious clearings in what is left of the small remnants of the Forest of the Deep Fetch, He will, Himself, produce Mighty OAKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS that will turn this nation upside down and inside out, so what that Deceiver and the deceived cannot yet see will come upon them and theirs as a thief in the night, while, at the same time, the Righteousness of the Lord will break forth upon His people as the noonday sun. Then as the waters of Noah, we will cover this earth delivering many who are tossed by the tempest and bound by the curse in these here Very Last Days of the Deep Fetch for the Souls of Men.

¶ What the Lord did for the conquests of King Cyrus in the flesh to deliver His people He will do for us, His people, in the Spirit, to deliver those like Cyrus from the conquests of the flesh. But unlike Cyrus, “We war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)  I honestly believe we can take to heart what the Lord said to the pagan conqueror Cyrus, who the Lord used to deliver His People at that time and apply the very same Word of God to ourselves today, which is, “I will subdue this nation before you. I will open the Great Leaved Gates to every city, town, and village in this nation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and they shall not be shut. I will go before you making the crooked straight. I will break in pieces brassy sins of resistance and cut asunder perversions and corruptions fenced with iron”   I love this part! “I will give to you the treasures hidden in the darkness, and reveal to you the secret places in the forest of the Deep Fetch where the hidden riches lie, and just so you will know that I AM the Lord Who does this, I will call you by your name.” (Isaiah 45: 1,2,3 wcv) “For I have planted you here for a time such as this.(Isaiah 61:3, Esther 4:14) 

¶ That Clandestine Hideout where all of the treasures, riches, and mysteries are hidden is Jesus Christ Himself.  These hidden riches and treasures hidden in darkness include the silver and the gold but without their spiritual counterparts render the silver and gold useless. These spiritual counterparts are the Nine Gifts of the Spirit; 3 Revelatory Gifts, 3 Power Gifts, and 3 Inspirational Gifts. These, and the entire Word of God, the Scriptures, Prayer, Intercession, Faith, Truth, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in His Refining Fire are the weapons of warfare stored in the roots of these OAKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS Planted by the Lord in these Last Days to use to break in pieces the brassy, in your face, sins of resistance and cut asunder perversions and corruptions fenced with the iron of arrogance, in the heathen, the harlot, the fence-rider, the backslider, the sinner, and the saint. The SAINT? Yes, the saint, if many of them truly are OAKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS! Truly, that is a powerful title I certainly could not ever tag myself with.  Lord, I certainly do not feel like an OAK OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.  “Oh?” Says the Lord, “Well, remember this; A small acorn is but a little nut, a little nut that ‘Stood its Ground’ in fertile soil, and because it ‘Stood its Ground’ it ‘Stands’ today as a MIGHTY OAK OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.” “And you would do well to REMEMBER THIS”, says the Lord, “…some sow, some water, but it is Me alone”, says the Lord, “that causes the thing to grow. I alone give the increase, and I alone supply the stature.” (1 Corinthians 3:6 my emphasis)  “Do you remember”, said the Lord, “How you were, as a boy, so taken, enamored, and awe-struck by that Ancient Society of Grand Old Giants that made up my Forest of the Deep Fetch?   “Well”, He said, “Those were ALL types and shadows of My OAKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Many years ago they were all just little nuts that fell on fertile soil, and yes, they all sprang up out of the ROOT of JESSE”. Truly, The Planting of the Lord is a Deep Fetch.

¶ To see this nation restored to righteousness it must get down on its knees before the Lord God of Heaven and Earth and repent for flying up in the Face of God. The King of Kings must be invited back into the soul of this nation. This must start in the heart of the individual and be maintained in the homes and lives of husbands and wives who must not only bring up their children in the admonition of the Lord but TRAIN UP their children in the WAY that they should go, not only studying to understand the Word of God but by bringing the Word of God to Life in their lives thru the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and His Refining Fire which, in turn, bears a fruit known as Divine Revelation. All of this must be hedged about and protected, guarded, if you will, by those who know how to wield the Sword of the Spirit; a Powerful Weapon known as the WORD of GOD. Children are the future of a nation and this nation is in dire straits. If we leave God out of the equation, this nation will go down. You say, “Well, I believe there’s a God”, yeah, well, “so does Satan, and he trembles.” (James 2:19)   Almighty God is for us. He is not against us. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you,” says the LORD, “thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to prosper you and to give you that thing that you do so long for (in the Spirit).”  “For I have not given you a spirit that is stupid, weak, confused, and fearful, nor have I given you a ‘STYLE’, or some ‘THEATRICAL ANOINTING’ – No, I have given you the Spirit of Power, Love, and a sound mind.” (Jeremiah 29:11, 2 Timothy 1:7)  “IF” you ABIDE!

In conclusion, I must say, “As for me and my house, oh how we long to Fetch from the Deep out of the Covenant Land of the Deep Fetch, the Promises of our Father.” “As for us and our house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

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