¶ When Fetched by the Powerful Hand of Uncontested Strength out from under the Shadow of the Black Swan, along with all of the goofy, Doolally-Land scenarios that keep a soul spinning out of control day after day and night after night on that carousel of All the Pretty Little Horses called the Pursuit of Happiness, which has come to be anything but; when Fetched out of all that, I found myself miraculously Fetched back into the Forest of the Deep Fetch, where, as a boy, I had fetched after the mysteries of God that nestled there in the nooks and crannies of creation; Mysteries that entranced me.  Yes, I found myself brought back to that very same forest that as a boy, I had Fetched After, day after day, and thru many a night, those ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ mysteries that play ‘hide n seek’ in the intriguing shadows and shifting shades of the forest. It is there, that I found myself translated back to by the same Loving Hand of Uncontested Strength that reached deep down into that deadly abyss and so graciously, Fetched me out.

¶ As a boy, on this side of the Veil, it was by a Measure of Faith that I knew there was ‘something more’ beyond the boundaries of this natural realm. The mysteries that nestled therein spoke of it. However, it is by the Gift of Faith, as opposed to that Measure of Faith, that I stand here today on the Other Side of that Veil, an old man in the Covenant Land of the Deep Fetch still Fetching, by FAITH, after the Deep Things of the One Who Fetched me.

¶ You see, the Scriptures say that, “by the Grace of God, to everyone born of a woman, is given a measure of Faith.” (Romans 12:3) … nonetheless, He also gave us a free will and it is entirely up to us what we choose to do with it; to choose or not!  The Scriptures also say that without Faith, it is impossible to please Him”, yet go on to say, “that He greatly rewards those who diligently Seek After Him.”which is, In Deed, a Fetch into the Deep.  Without Faith, you ain’t gonna go lookin’ for what you cannot see. I’ll say it again. Without Faith, you ain’t gonna go lookin’ for what you cannot see! (Hebrews 11:6) You see, that “Measure of Faith that is given to everyone born into this world is what gives us the desire to look into what we cannot see. That Measure of Faith, if activated by its owner, prompts our will to seek. Because He has so graciously given us a free will, the choice is then ours to make whether or not to step up onto that road that leads out to and thru the Veil. If we do, once we are there, it is that Measure of Faith that Keeps Us.  But, It is by God’s “Gift of Faith” that the Mysteries of God begin to unfold, taking our understanding out of the Land of the Deep Fetch (the natural), into the Covenant Land of the Deep Fetch, (the Realm of the Spirit, the supernatural), thus fulfilling the Will of God for everyone born of the Spirit.  Do we not pray, “Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven?” which unmistakably means, Lord, bring what we cannot see into this place so we can see it. That’s how it’s done! FETCHING by FAITH! Fetching by Faith the Will of God and the Promises of God from heaven above to the earth below. Without FAITH that prayer is deader than a doornail. FAITH opens the Door into that Secret Place; the Covenant Land of the Deep Fetch.

¶ Looking back in my rearview mirror, I remember watching that phantasmagorical City of Babylon, Austin, Texas, disappear into the past, back there in the early ’80s. It was by a Measure of Faith that I found myself a few months later in the Blackford Bottoms, in Hancock County, Kentucky, working a stand of Old Growth White Oaks; felling timber for 5 bucks an hour. Now that is a giant, miraculous step from runnin’ the road with Jerry Jeff Walker and Willie Nelson for the past fifteen years.  When I stepped thru that Veil (the Cross), out of Babylon, and across the threshold into the Kingdom of God, the Land of Covenant – the Black Swan that had enslaved my hide was not allowed in. The Shadow of that Black Swan being just under three decades of addiction to whiskey, cocaine, and China white, had flown. The Black Swan had flown taking its Shadow with it! The God of the Covenant Land of the Deep Fetch, did, with His own Hand, terrify the Black Swan, shoeing him away, instantly delivering me with absolutely no symptoms of withdrawal nor need for rehab, and here I was, a month or two later, a free man, working timber in the very forest in which I had as a boy, many years before, chased after the foreshadowings of His Spirit that did nest, lodge, and sojourn in the cradle of this very Forest, the Forest of the Deep Fetch.

¶ It was almost as if I was reliving, magnified by the Spirit a thousand times over, the lively, spirited, highly curious days of my youth. I honestly felt like I did back when I was a boy chasing the shadows of those fast-moving clouds across the meadow and into that Vintage Forest where they would break up into a thousand little spirit creatures, dappling the forest with indescribable hues of prismatic light that flitted and darted thru the forest; little spirit things I intensely fetched after but just could not catch. That’s how I felt, a thousand times over, exhilarating!  Except for this time, I had not only discovered but had stepped thru the Shadowy Veil of that Clandestine Hideout into the Secret Place of that other realm where those little spirit creatures lived. I was on the verge of Fetching Something, and I knew it.

¶ My first encounter with the workings of the Gift of Faith, which I was brought to by that Measure of Faith did not come thru fasting and praying. Neither did I attain it in the Solemn Sunday Assemblies, the fellowship meetings throughout the week, or even by studying the Word of God, all of which I had recently become engulfed in, but that’s not how it came.

Here is the account of how IT came:

¶ These White Oaks were 36 to 40 inches in diameter and 80 to 100 feet in height, and I was at that time far from being a seasoned timber faller, having only been at it for a few months. I’d make my ‘standard-face-cut’ in the direction I wanted the tree to fall, then cut in from the back side of the tree, however, instead of slowly beginning to ‘tip’ in the direction they were supposed to go, these towering overseers of Kentucky would inevitably ‘sit-back’, time after time, trapping the blade of my saw neath the weight of that entire tree, then looking down on me from a hundred feet above – they seemed to say “How do you like that! “Well, I would get down on my knees and say, “Lord, in the Name of Jesus, would You please bring up a slight zephyr into the leaves of the massive crown of this tall overseer and tip him in the direction I had planned for him to fall.”  Without fail, always within a minute or two, a breeze would rustle in the sails of the crown of that massive white oak and tip the thing in the very direction I had planned for it to fall. I would finish my cut as it began to fall. I believe the Lord really enjoyed that. I know I did. It became a kind of spiritual game that I played with the Lord for about two weeks. I honestly believe that He enjoyed it as much as I did. Oh yeah, in the Blackford Bottoms, in the middle of August, there was nary a breeze and the temperature was generally 105 degrees. I know what went down, other than those big White Oaks. Looking back, I knew then as I know now that I was, by the Measure of Faith given me, receiving Hands-on teaching from the Lord Himself on how to advance into this newly found, Gift of Faith. Need I even tell you what that encounter did for my Faith? In my everyday life, I was, by the Gift of Faith, Fetching what Fetched Me!, which enabled me, to this very day, forty years later, to pray with confidence, “Lord, Is not heaven taken by force by violent old fellers like me?” (Matthew 11:12)  Now, 40 years later, my prayer is, “Lord, this old man, this old feller of the forest has some enormous timber to tip, more towering than the Redwoods, and more imposing than the ancient Cedars of Lebanon. When they hit the ground will they not shake the heavens?… causing Your mighty Hand to release Your Covenant Promises to fall all about me along with the Former and the Latter Rains?

Causing rivers of mercy, and rivers of grace

To overflow all over the place.

Causing showers of blessings to keep coming down,

Out across the countryside, in the cities, and the towns.

Bringing sons to Glory, turning lives around,

So that Former, and that Latter Rain can just keep coming down?”

¶ I have covered this before but, in my redundance, I must repeat, and so I’ll take this moment, to just once more, take a gander back into the early days of my Deep Fetch before discovering the Entrance into that Clandestine Hideout, which to my great amazement, turned out to be the Throne Room of Almighty God. It was as though, as a boy, I had unknowingly been under the Old Covenant of the Law just to show me that, even though I was endowed with the great privilege of being led into the lovely Land of the Deep Fetch, and even though I was gifted with seeing what many could not, and as close as I came at times, and as hard as I did seek, and as much as my heart did desire, even though I had discovered the entrance, I still could not, by my own volition, enter into that other realm. That “Power” just was not there. I had no idea what magnitude of Eminence, and Majesty lay beyond the Entrance of that Secret Place beyond those shadows. As I said before, even as a boy, I could find the nooks and crannies, and explore the clefts of the Deep Fetch, I just could not, by my own power, pass thru that mysterious veil into that Secret Place which I now know to be the Covenant Land of the Deep Fetch. I did suspect but did not know for sure at the time that what lay beyond that dark, mysterious, impenetrable veil was a Kingdom of Light, a realm far more magnificent than the one we dwell in for a few short years here on earth. Understand, it was that precious gift, the Measure of Faith, (not religion) that so enraptured my heart by its continual tugging. Honestly, I could not rest until what I was Fetching after finally Fetched me.  You see, the Hidden Entrance of that Clandestine Hideout, that as a boy, I so earnestly sought after in the Forest of the Deep Fetch, though IT was a ‘place’, IT was not a “thing”, for in one astounding revelation, I found IT – to be a Person – and though I searched relentlessly, I didn’t fetch IT, IT fetched me, and, after being Fetched, what I found on the other side of that seraphic veil was a Covenant, with the Real Estate of that Covenant being my inheritance, THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and a FAMILY! KIN!!! A Kinsman Redeemer Who now calls me His brother, an Almighty Father who now calls me son, not to mention that Third Person, the Holy Spirit, Who took up residence within me to enable me with His Power, without which I could not receive the Covenant Promises of my Father, the Ancient of Days Himself.  I have found this Covenant Land of the Deep Fetch to be far beyond the bricks and mortar of American Christendom and denominational religion. I quickly saw that FAITH, not the man-made bricks and mortar of buildings, denominational doctrines, and certainly not a religious spirit, but FAITH was The Key that opened the Door to the Covenant Land of the Deep Fetch, which brings up a very serious question presented by the Lord Himself to all of us living in these Last Days who call ourselves by His Name; How much more clear can it be when He says in the Book of Luke, Chapter 18, verse 8,  “when I return will I find FAITH on earth?” (Luke 18:8)  Get a handle on this now! The “ONE THING” in which the Lord has so intensely labored over these past 6000 years in bringing mankind back from The Fall is the bringing of our hearts into that place of unshakeable FAITH, where we truly BELIEVE Him and His Word; As for the rest of it, “Not one stone shall be left upon another.”

¶ Though that venerable old society of ancient overseers, the old growth forests are gone, and though we can no longer drink from the streams, the brooks, the creeks, or the rivers, and though our fields of corn, and our amber waves of grain are laced with poison, our wells, and ground water polluted, and though the serene days of peace, confidence, civility, respectability, humility, and Uncontested Strength are being drowned out by the braggadocio of tyrants, noisome pestilence, rattling sabers, and the pounding hoofbeats of the warhorse, and though the lovely Land of the Deep Fetch is nowhere to be found in America except in a few small niches and clefts of Christendom hidden in the remnants of the Forest of the Deep Fetch, the Restoration of All Things is At Hand, for the Judgement of God is about to descend upon mankind, and as it does the Lord has said, “Though it seems as though it has been forever, I will avenge My own Elect, and I will avenge them speedily, nevertheless, when I return, will I find FAITH on earth?” “Just how many of mine will I find Dwelling in a Deep Fetch for ME?” (Luke 18;8)

All the Pretty Little Horses spinning around and around on that carousel of worldly pleasures that so many see and cherish are about to disappear forever, while what many do not believe, refuse to see, do not cherish, and even disdain is about to appear for all eternity. The Restoration of All Things is at hand, and oh what a Restoration it will be. (for the Blessing check out the Book of Revelation, chapters 21 & 22 & 2Pet 3 1-13). Considering all of this, I would strongly urge you to brief your heart, making double-dog sure where your true affections lie. If we treasure the things of this world we will go the way of the world. We will perish; “For what we treasure is what we will INHERIT.” (Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:21 wcv)

¶ We ARE the House of God, the Deep Dwelling Place of God on earth (1 Cor. 3:16) as opposed to the bricks and mortar of all the great and grand religions built by men. The Lord Himself said, “See these great buildings, not one of their stones will be left upon another. They will all come down” (Mark 13:2) Tis a hard and fruitless thing to continually kick against the bricks (Acts 9:5) – serving dead religion is akin to stumbling over stones and beating your head against the wall. “For if this Deep Fetch is of God, you ain’t gonna overthrow IT, You will simply find yourself in a fight against Almighty God.” (Acts 5:39)

¶ The Lord did not say, “When I return will I find a lot of great buildings full of great men of different denominations and religions with fleets of jets and limousines doing great things (for themselves) in My Name?” NO! He said, “When I return, will I find FAITH on earth?” “Just how many of mine will I find Dwelling in a Deep Fetch for Me?” (Luke 18;8)

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